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Now Microsoft Office App is Available on iPads

Microsoft is the commonly used office app in the world. Almost, everyone is using Microsoft for their business purpose or for making assignments. So, Microsoft works on the availability of the different app in mobiles.

Now, you can use the all features of the Microsoft app in a single unit in the mobiles. Well, previously different apps were available in the App Store. But now, you can download the Microsoft app from the App Store as a single app.

Packages in the unified app

The latest launch of Microsoft is considered the unified app. Hence, you can use different features like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one download. All characteristics in one icon. However, before this latest launch, these features were available differently.

Facilities provided by the Microsoft

Well, in laptops the Microsoft office app has been used for many years. But in this fast era, you do not have time to open the laptop and do your task. For this purpose, Microsoft has designed an app through which you can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can edit the PDF file, convert the screenshots, and change the image file into PDF and PPT files.

Operating System for mobiles

If you are an Apple user, then this app will run on the device that has iOS13.0. Hence, users can download the app and get the basic functions of the app. If you want other functions, then you have to subscribe to the package. To avail the all the functions of Microsoft you have to pay some amount. For a personal version of Microsoft, you have to pay $6.99 per month, and for a family version, you have to pay $99.9per month.


In short, this is the best opportunity provided by Microsoft. Not much space is required for this app. Its size is only 358.1 MB. Hence, you can install the app and enjoy your work on your mobile without any difficulty.

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