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Microsoft Edge Gets Kids Mode for Safer Browsing

What is new in Microsoft Edge? Which things are allowed in the Kid mode? Well, these are few questions that are rolling out nowadays. Microsoft Edge is being used for many years. Hence, the best browser for people. But sometimes, you are redirected to a website that is not suitable for the kids. So, they have developed the Kids mode that assures a safe search for your child.

Before your child starts to browse, you have to switch the Kids Mode ON. In this way, he will not redirect to the false website. Hence, the new update is available in a few areas, but soon all people will avail the facility.

Things included in the Kids mode

The Kids mode is specially designed for kids so they can search for their things easily. The theme colour theme is perfect for the children. Moreover, the safe search is the major concern of this mode. You have to set the age range, and Microsoft Edge will show things, related to that age group. Hence, the best way for the safe search.

Enable and disable the mode

The method to enable and disable the Kids mode is simple. Follow the steps, and your Kids mode will be active.

  • From the profile switcher, you can select Browse in Kids mode.
  • Select the age range.

Your window is open in the Kids mode. The best part of this mode is there is no need to create the profile of your child. Simply select the Kids mode. If you have to use the browser, then you have to exit the mode. Otherwise, the window will always open in the Kids mode.

Method to exit the Kids mode

  • Select the Kids mode icon.
  • Select exit.
  • Enter your password, and the Kids mode will be disabled.

Well, the procedure is quite simple and easy. Moreover, you are tension-free if your child is using the internet. He will see things related to his age group.

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