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What’s new you will get in the beta 2 iOS14.5 and iPadOS14.5?

The latest update of iOS14.5 and iPadOS14.5 is rolling out nowadays. Hence, the second beta includes some latest changes that are attracting a huge public. The changes include 200 different emoji’s with shortcuts.

However, you can use different shortcuts like the screenshot, orientation, and many others. Well, the Music app is also updated, giving you an attractive feel. Add or removing the song from the library and playing the last or next song with a single swipe. The beta two iOS14.5 comes with lots of changes. So, let us have a look at them.

Shortcuts for a different purpose

Well, the number of shortcuts is increased in the beta two iOS14.5 and iPadOS14.5. With the screenshot option, you can take the SS when the option is activated. However, the list of shortcuts options is not limited to this. Hence, the other benefit of shortcuts is the orientation lock when the screen is moved in portrait or landscape.

Well, you also get the SET voice and Data mode options. It allows you to configure the network connectivity from LTE to 5G. Furthermore, the other activity that you can perform through the shortcut is to set the Wallpaper.

Music app changes

Although, the Music app has many changes that you can enjoy. Before this, it was so boring to use the app because you have to perform a big task for a single thing. But now, in this update, you can easily change the song, add or delete the songs from your library and playlist.

The new update provides you the following features in the music app:

  • With the right swipe, you can play the next or last song.
  • With a left swipe, you can add the song to the library.
  • Different popover options are available.
  • The remove button design is new.
  • New designs of download, play button and show album buttons.


The update comes with 200 new emoji’s that can express your feeling more accurately. We can say that the update is best in various ways.


In last, the new beta 2 version of iOS14.5 and iPadOS14.5 is good. People will like to update their OS because they will get various features.

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