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Is Xiaomi introducing the electric car?

Like Huawei, Xiaomi is also going to introduce an electric car. However, Xiaomi has introduced many electronic gadgets and is considered a well-known brand. You can have different smartphones, home appliances, and many other products of this brand. Hence, it is stepping forward to introduce different and new technologies.

The stock rate of Xiaomi increased from 6 to 11 percent as soon as the rumours of the electric car rolled out. Let us see what will happen to the stock rate when the company launches the Smart car.

Things that point towards the manufacturing of electric car

Every brand wants to move forward and surprise their customer with new products. So did Xiaomi and is stepping forward. Well, the rumours are right because the CEO of Xiaomi LEI JUN visited the US twice. Hence, the meeting fixes between Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla.

Moreover, Xiaomi has invested in many automobile industries that point towards its interest in automobiles. Hence, we can say that the rumours of electric car manufacturing are right to some extent.

Hence, the launch of an electric car is not new for people because it is popular in public. So, it will not be a surprise for the customers. However, we can say that it is a good to step to maintain its position in the market.

Smart Car declaration by Xiaomi

However, Xiaomi did not declare anything about manufacturing a new electric car. As the news rolled out, media asked questions about the Smart Electric Car to close people of Xiaomi. But they respond like they do not know anything about the NEWS.

So, we cannot say anything sure about the gadget. But, it will be a good step if the company is planning to do so. Hence, we will update you soon about the latest news we get. So, stay tuned.

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