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Redmi AirDots 3 Earbuds just launched with 7 hours of playtime

Redmi Just launched its K40 mobile series. Furthermore, Redmi also presented another success which is AirDots 3 wireless headphones. They have a sensitive plan and improved sound. Also, earbuds will be accessible in three shading decisions. These new headphones are waterproof and provide a contact facility. The company says that the Airdots 3 battery can quickly offer 7 hours of entertainment nonstop. Furthermore, a front LED fitted to show the battery status of the charging instance of headphones.

About Redmi AirDots 3

Redmi AirDot 3 is backed by a powerful QCC3040 chipset. Bluetooth 5.2 latest version is coming with these headphones. These Headphones can also be used while gaming cause of their stereo sound and volume. Also, The headphones are planned with a speedy network and contact sensors. The reason for Their playtime is 43mAh Battery inside them. They also stated that the headphones playtime is 7 hours, and the charging box can run for like 30 hours cause of its 600mAh battery. The earbuds’ standard charging time will be 1.5 hours, and the container takes around 3 hours to accuse a USB Type-C port. Redmi AirDots incorporates a water obstruction include and both earbuds weight of 51 grams with a charging box.


What are the features in the new AirdDots 3?

The new instalment in the AirDorts series is a waterproof and speedy connectivity network. Furthermore, the game-changer of this latest instalment is 7 hours of playtime nonstop.

What is the price of Redmi Airdots 3?

These earphones come in three different colours white, Pink and Strawberry blue. All three of them have the same price. You can buy these headphones for $30 (5000 pkr), which are incredibly affordable.

So we hope that you have to understand about these new headphones introduced by Redmi. These headphones will be available on the market on 4th March, but still, you can pre-order them on many verified websites.

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