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Now you can make video calls from WhatsApp desktop

Being social media users we always seek the new and latest updates that can make our work easier. Whatsapp is the most commonly used social app. So, they always come up with new and interesting things.

What is new in WhatsApp?

With time, you can say that WhatsApp is giving the best services to its users. The latest thing that you can enjoy on WhatsApp is for the Desktop. Previously you cannot make audio and video calls from the WhatsApp desktop.

But, now you can avail this opportunity. The developer of WhatsApp worked on this feature so people can use their WhatsApp desktop for video calling also.

Why this feature is added to the WhatsApp desktop?

From the figures, we can conclude that WhatsApp is the frequently used app in the world. Many people use it for different purposes. Many use it for business, education, and many other purposes.

In one year, the calculated calls rate is 1.4 billion. This is quite a huge number of calls. However, WhatsApp is giving you free calls. Many people are making calls out of the country because the beloved ones are living there.

The people who are doing their work online are sitting on the laptops for the whole day. So, this feature can help to make video calls from your laptops. It is easy to use.

How you can make video calls from WhatsApp Desktop?

You can easily make phone calls from your WhatsApp desktop. Steps are listed below:

  • Your laptop or Computer must need an internet connection.
  • Your computer must have an audio and video facility.
  • From the contact select anyone you want to make.
  • Click the video icon and start your calls.

Hence, the method is simple and you can easily adopt it. Your laptop must have an internet connection.

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