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On Twitter, the new button of UNDO is coming soon

It is a fact that people always like new things also on social apps. Hence, to remain in the market developers have to introduce the latest and new things. So, they can facilitate the customers. Twitter did the same thing. In the latest update, you will receive something interesting that you cannot use in the former versions.

What is new in the new update?

When the former users of Twitter publish their post, if any mistake occurs, they have no other option than to delete it. Hence, developers of Twitter are working to facilitate their customers in this aspect.

In the new update, you can get the UNDO button. This feature is mainly designed for resolving the issue of deleting the post. Well, this is going to be interesting, and people will love it.

How does this UNDO button work?

The UNDO button is designed for editing the post you are going to publish. Before publishing the post on your home page, you are given five to six seconds for reviewing the post. If there is any mistake, then you can press the UNDO button and edit it.

The UNDO function resembles WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, social media have to introduce new features to remain in the market. So, WhatsApp already has this feature. In WhatsApp, you have deleted all options. In this option, you can delete the recent message within few minutes.

So, the UNDO button of Twitter resembles the WhatsApp feature. Well, this is a good step. Many people were facing difficulty when they have to delete the entire post. However, we can expect more from Twitter to facilitate their users.

It is in rumours that after the UNDO button, Twitter will also work on the edit button option. In this way, the user does not have to check the post for few seconds. They can edit the post where the mistake is.

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