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Netflix is giving you the short film features

Netflix is the best video streaming app. Many people use it for watching different videos in HD print. However, the app is paid. On Netflix, you have to pay some amount for availing of all the facilities. But some videos are available free of cost.

Popular drama serials and movies are available on Netflix with the best print. Now, they have added a new feature in Netflix that is similar to the Tiktok.

What is new on Netflix?

Netflix is providing you a short film facility. It resembles the Tik Tok. Hence, the main genre of this short film is Laughter. The name given to this type is Fast Laugh. The basic purpose of the Fast Laugh is not just to entertain people but it inspires you to watch what is next.

How you can enjoy the Fast Laugh feature?

Open the Fast Laugh, then watch the video of your interest. You can scroll the videos from up to down and down to up. You will get all the videos of your interest. You can also react to the specific video you like. The laughing emoji button allows you to react to the video. You can also share the video you like on social media.

How you can get this feature

If you already have the Netflix app, then you have to only update your app in android or iOS. If you use Netflix on the laptops, then you have to update the app to get this feature.

The spokesman of Netflix

In the interview, the spokesman of Netflix said that they will experiment with the new feature in various states to collect the people’s response. If the response is positive then they will officially launch it and the feature will be available for all people worldwide.

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