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What is the difference between the degrees? – MBA Stands For

When the student wants to move to higher education they may get confused among the degrees. In that confusion, they select the wrong degree and waste their time. So, today we will explain about different degrees that various institutes are providing. At the end of this article, your mind will be clear about the degrees. So, let us begin.

Associates degree:

It is the undergraduate degree that is provided by the different colleges, schools, and institutes. The time of this degree is two years in which the student has to complete their course. However, the student who performs the part-time job may require more time for the completion of this degree. This degree is divided into three different categories. Arts, science, and applied science.

  • A.A: Associates of arts includes all the arts subjects that are required for the general job.
  • A.S: Associates of Science includes some Science or technical subjects that are essential to moving in the field of technology.
  • A.A.S: Associates of Applied Science is useful for technical jobs. People can get the job easily who adopt this degree.

Bachelor’s degree:

It is one of the most popular degrees. The person who holds a Bachelor’s degree is considered more than other degrees. It is a four-year program of full-time studies.

  • B.A: Bachelors of Arts includes the subjects of arts, social sciences, humanities, creative subjects, and political sciences. This degree is awarded by the junior colleges.
  • B.S: Bachelors of Science includes the subjects related to science and technology.
  • B.F.A: Bachelors of fine arts include history, theatre, and film-related education.
  • B.B.A: Bachelors of Business Administration includes the management and marketing subjects.
  • B.E: Bachelors of Engineering includes the subjects of engineering like mechanical, electrical, and computer.

Master’s degree:

It is a graduate program that takes two years to complete. Generally, students adopt this course after their bachelor’s. This course is best for the promotion in the job.

It has the following categories:

  • Master of Arts.
  • Master of Business Administration.
  • Master of Science.
  • Master of Social Work.

All degrees are the advanced form of a bachelor’s degree. In this two-year education, people enhance their knowledge in the respective field.


In short, students adopt different fields for their professional life. But some people get confused about which to select. Now, all the confusion must vanish, and the student will know which degree he wants to adopt.

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