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What is the medical assistant to lvp program?

When it comes to the medical field, then various options are there through which the people can serve humanity. Different people have a passion for serving the people, and how they can do this is a big challenge for them. Because they have to study and train under the supervision of a trained person and have to face different difficulties.

In this case, you can have two programs one is the medical assistant, and the other one is the lvp program. So, let us see how they both are different.

Differences in the medical assistant and lvp program:

Both the jobs have some similar jobs but, in some contests they are different. The job of the medical assistant is to manage the medical history and other management tasks. They are also responsible for preparing the appointments scheduling, and insurance papers. But some clinical jobs are also included in their duty.

On the other hand, if we look at the lvp program, then it also includes some management duties. But the main job is to look at the patient, give them all the precautions that are suggested by the supervisors. All the tests and procedure of the treatment of disease is the responsibility of people who done the lvp program. The other main difference between both programs is the way they are trained.

Can an LPN test be given by a medical assistant?

Yes, a medical assistant can give the LPN test because in the training they are taught the basic thing that is essential for curing simple wounds. Hence, it is a good opportunity for the medical assistant.

In the training of the medical assistant, they are given training like the nursing course, patients caring, injecting the people, and many other simple things to treat the patient. So, it is easy for the medical assistant to give the LPN test.

Which training is included in MA to LPN?

The training includes the following things:

  • Nursing courses.
  • Clinical practice.
  • Health instruction.
  • Patient care.
  • Patient management and their medical history.
  • To manage the scheduling and appointments.

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