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Google search has announced a new region filter update for its users

Google is famous for its search engine and tech like Google Drive, Google Maps, etc. Google has some excellent news for those who love to read information for their country but manually search for it. However, now Google has announced a new feature called “region filter”. By turning this feature on, users can get the news regarding their country or specific region.

Many say that this filter will be much valuable, particularly during pandemic days. It will help people of specific countries get an update about vaccines and how to get vaccinated by finding vaccine centers. That’s why with the help of a region filter, the user will not have to see the feature manually and can easily apply the filter. By using the filter, the user will get only specific news about the country on their screens.



Filter Name

Region Filter

Release Date



Allows the user to see specific country or region news.

How to enable region filter

To activate the feature, you need to head over and tap the section page on the google search tabs. Furthermore, choose the tools, and after clicking it, you will see a web filter, and by allowing it, you will get country-specific results. However, if a user cannot see the settings, it’s no big deal because Google hasn’t updated it in some countries. The great advantage for the user is that now they can control the search engine and get the information they want.

So, what makes google make this filter. It is because many users are not interested in some other news. They only want to get relevant searches. In other words, they only want to see their country’s information. So, it is many welcoming features for those who want to control their news feed.

According to the research, Google is the most used search engine globally, and google also wants to bring its user a great-searching experience. According to some bloggers on the internet, google search receives almost 90k search queries in one second. Furthermore, the company always provides relevant searched in one click and brings to the user what they need. The only bad thing was user keep getting results globally, not for their country but no now. Thanks to the region filter. As we said above, users can get their country specifics results by just activating the filter.

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