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Microsoft has announced Windows 11 by calling it next gen Windows

Microsoft has announced major updates and next for windows. A new taskbar, updated UI and modern icons. Microsoft has revealed the next generation of windows on 24th June 2021. Windows 11 is packed with some new awesome features like a new taskbar, enhanced search option, and new additions.

Windows 11 is made for gamers

Yes, if you are a gamer, then this OS is for you. Windows 11, presented by the leading software company Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 is made for gamers in the live event, but why? It is because it contains the auto HDR option from Xbox. According to the MS team, they said: “We have received tons of positive feedback against this feature”. Furthermore, that can be the reason for adding it in windows 11.

The Microsoft team has also introduced an Xbox game pass for pc. So, if a user buys the subscription, it gets 100+ games instantly and can play anywhere, on any device with the help of cloud gaming technology. Furthermore, by purchasing the game pass, the user also gets instant access to EA Play and Bethesda games.

Windows 11 comes with an updated UI and options

The taskbar was on the left side of windows ten but now in the middle of windows 11. An updated windows icon, search in windows 11, is located at the top. Furthermore, if we press or click on the windows icon, we have the updated section. That will also show tons of recommended applications as well as Android applications. Yes, you have heard it right. Microsoft Store will now have android thanks to intel and amazon that a partnership with them. Let’s not forget about the Microsoft store itself. We are getting a newly redesigned store with settings and faster than the windows 10 Microsoft store.

The question is will windows 10 lose its value after the release of Windows 11. Look, everyone wants the latest technology, and lots of people will surely update their OS. But to keep in mind that Microsoft has also announced that they will continue updating Windows 10 till October 2025. So, the users can still use their favorite windows ten and have don’t have to worry about it. Furthermore, the most awesome thing is that Windows 11 will be free for those who have bought windows ten or have used it in the past, awesome right.



Release date

Later in 2021

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

CPU: 1GHz processor or faster

Ram: 4GB

HDD: 64GB free space

Firmware Type


Required Display

720p or higher

Graphics Card

DX12 compatible


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