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9xmovies – 300mb Movies Bollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed

With 9xmovie, you can download all the latest movies from across the world in just a few minutes and without having to pay a single cent. We have a large variety of movies that are available to download. Movies are a source of entertainment for most us because it not only helps us calm down but it also has a positive impact on brain and our mood as well. We could be having an incredibly dull day but as soon as we put on our favourite movie, we instantly cheer up and our day gets a tad hit more brightened than usual.

9xmovie allows you to download all the latest movies without having to wait in queues or having to pay exorbitant amounts just to relax and take a break from our hectic schedules. To 9xmovie, their visitors always come first and that this the reason why our tram strives to ensure that the experience of our users is more accessible than the other websites. Moreover, we further ensure that the safety and identity of our users is protected at all times.

Download all the latest Bollywood Movies with 9xmovie

As we all know, there are several film industries in the world but only a handful from amongst those, are successful in terms of fan base as well as revenue. In our part of the world, Bollywood is the main source of entertainment for most of us and that is in part because film industries such as Hollywood, failed to represent our culture, people and traditions in a factually accurate way and instead of doing this, they further marginalised and misrepresented our people. This led to the people turning away from Hollywood and toward Bollywood.

Another strategic advantage that Bollywood successfully managed to capitalize upon, is the fact that there are billions of people that are situated in this part of the world and these people do not necessarily have the understanding of Hollywood or any other film industry. So, to these people their primary source of entertainment is Bollywood and this led to the creation of one of the most loyal fam bases of any film industry anywhere in the world.

With 9xmovie, you can download all the latest Bollywood movies without having to wait or having to pay anything. We provide you with all the best and the latest Bollywood movies but also our giant library includes movies from the past as well.

Movie format of 9xmovie

Our movies are available to download in the best resolutions such as Full HD and HD, thus ensuring our audiences the best viewing experience.

Latest Links of 9xmovie

We have established a number of different websites with the same name but different domains and this is in part because of the constant threat of our website getting shut down by the authorities and in doing so we are able to reach regions where our website is either blocked or the access is restricted.

Why websites such as ours are illegal?

Websites such as 9xmovie are illegal because we provide movies that we are not authorized to distribute.

Download without having to sign up

As we mentioned earlier, we prioritise our users as our top most priority and keeping that in mind we provide movies to our users without asking them to signup.


Piracy is illegal and packagespoint.com opposes Piracy. This content is given only for details, its purpose is not to encourage or promote piracy and illegal activities in any way. 

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