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Top 10 affordable universities in Canada for international students

Affordable Universities in Canada: Studying in a foreign country has never been cheap. But it can be possible if you are a student in Canada or willing to look in Canada. Learning in Canada is now made easy thanks to our top 10 universities in Canada that offer great coaching at affordable prices. However, some students are confused that it is worth studying in Canada than any other country, and the answer is yes, it is worth it, and the reasons are given below.

Many students in the world want to study in Canada Why? Because Canada is the best alternative for those willing to research and want to grab a foreign degree at an affordable price. As compared to other countries, Canada’s tuition fees are meager. Furthermore, Canada is a highly developed country with so many opportunities for students. As compared to other English countries like the US and U.K, Canada’s education system is reputable and comparable. Let’s see our top 10 cheapest universities to study in Canada.

Why study in Canada is affordable and the best option

It’s affordable

Canada has the most affordable degree and education system as compared to other countries in most English countries. 

Internationally recognized

A Canadian degree is globally recognized in almost every country. For example, it is considered equal to top universities in the USA like the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University.

Awesome Campus Lifestyle

Living in a foreign country is not that easy as it seems, but the Canadian lifestyle makes it easy for students. Many campuses in Canada offer a cheap monthly plan with the latest technologies installed for comfort.

Top 10 cheap Universities in Canada for bachelors

  1. Kwantlen Polytechnic University starting from 660 CAD/year
  2. Saint Mary’s University starting from CAD/year
  3. The University of Regina starting from 2,015 CAD/year
  4. Brandon University starting from 2,765 CAD/year
  5. Ryerson University starting from 2,995 CAD/year
  6. British Columbia Institute of Technology beginning from 4,820 CAD/year

Top 10 Cheap universities in Canada for Masters

  1. The Memorial University of Newfoundland starting from 2,150 CAD/year
  2. Cape Breton University starting from 3,090 CAD/year
  3. Nipissing University starting from 3,150 CAD/year
  4. Mount Allison University starting from 3,340 CAD/year
  5. University of Northern British Columbia beginning from 3,360 CAD/year
  6. Simon Fraser University beginning from 3,740 CAD/year

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