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What is Unity, and why is it better for game development

unity game developer: Want to develop your own game but not sure where to start. If you are interested in launching your own video game in the gaming world, Unity is perfect for you. Unity is a game development software designed and developed by Unity technologies. It was announced in 2005 in Apple Inc. Unity is the most popular platform for building mobile and IOS game applications.

Furthermore, many users use it to develop 2D or indie games for pc. Unity is the best game engine for beginners and professionals as well. Unity is written in C++.

So why everyone recommends Unity for game development Because it saves developer’s time. It is responsible for doing various tasks like 3D rendering, creating game physics, and collision error detection. Furthermore, the Unity community is based on thousands of developers who love sharing content with other fallow developers. So different developers can download assets and implement them in their games. 

Purpose of Unity game development

  • Making Games: Unity is a popular games engine used to create 2D, and 3D games like temple run for android and Escape from Tarkov for PC.
  • 3D rendering: The primary purpose of the unit is to render 3D objects and prototype the game. It is considered the most suitable platform for developers for generating 3D games.

Unity is written in C++. However, if you are willing to learn Unity game developments, then you should understand the basics of C#. In Unity, C3# is used to make games. If you are new to C#, you don’t have to worry because Unity gives a complete overview to C#, so a beginner developer doesn’t get confused.

 There are many game engines in the market, so why choose Unity? Unity is the most stable, lightweight game engine that only requires 4GB of ram to run and has the most basic features that anyone can easily understand. However, Unity is not for core game development because its graphics are not top-level like the unreal engine from Epic Games.

Where to Learn Unity Game Development?

There are many channels on YouTube where you can start learning Unity. However, if you want premium coaching, then Udemy is the best platform, to begin with.

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