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Top designer of Pakistan- Hussian Rehar celebrating his birthday!

We know that in the industry different people are present. Some are actors and actresses while others are designers and make-up artists. Hence, they all make the industry work properly. Today, we are going to discuss one of the best personalities of the Pakistan industry. A designer who is well-known for making his dresses especially bridal dresses.

Hussain Rehar dresses

Hussain Rehar is a well-known designer. He is famous for designing bridal dresses. Many people like his dresses and want to wear a dress designed by him. He has his outlet in Lahore. Hence, many girls went there and buy their bridal dresses. They think that his design adds some personality and style to their bridal wear.

Hussain Rehar personality

If we talk about the personality of Hussain Rehar, then he is slim, smart, and has a gorgeous style. Hence, we can say that he is ideal for boys. Boys think that his personality is good enough to copy. His body features are stunning. People follow him because Hussain has kept himself fit.

Sometimes, many boys ask the secret of his smartness. Well, with his style and looks he has become the dream boy of many girls. Besides his design, people think that he must come as an actor because of the way keep himself fit.

He has a good face and we can expect that he can become a good actor also if he tries. Well, it will be his choice what he chooses.

Birthday celebration

On the internet, different pictures of different celebrate get viral. So, the latest picture of Hussain Rehar is his birthday celebration. You will be amazed to hear that Hussain Rehar turns 34 this month. However, he does not look like he is 34 years old. But this is true.

Well, his birthday celebration was grand and his close friends were invited for the birthday bash. He was wearing a three-piece suit, designed by himself. The colour was off-white. This colour makes him look stunning. He was carrying a black purse in his hand. The black sandals complement the dress. He designed all this.

People reaction to pictures

The pictures of Hussain Rather were uploaded on different social media account. But people did not respond positively to this. Because they think that his friends must wear clothes as per their country. They must not follow the eastern style. However, people objected to their dressing.


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