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Iqra Aziz changing pamper of her beloved son Kabeer!

We know that the Pakistan industry is full of talent. Various celebrities have made their name in the industry with their hard work. The new talent comes into the industry and wins the heart of the people with their skills. In this way, they become popular among the audience and earn love from them.

Today spotlight

Today, we are showering the light on one of the talented actresses of the industry Iqra Aziz. She is the most talented and pretty girl in the industry. Her work in different dramas is admirable. The way she performs on the screen and the character she plays is adorable. Hence, people love her and want to see her on the screen.

Iqra Aziz career

Iqra Aziz is the most talented girl in Pakistan showbiz. If we talk about her early initial start of acting, then she was 14. Afterward, Momina Duriad noticed her she gave her a chance in the HUM TV drama Kissay Apna Kahen.

It was quite a huge opportunity for her. She approves that she is a very talented girl, and many people like her. She gives hit dramas like Suno Chanda, Choti Si Zindagi, Deewana, Socha Na Tha, and many others.

Iqra Aziz with her husband Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain is also the best part of Showbiz, the best comedian and actor. He is loved by the public and has a huge fan following. Iqra got marry to Yasir Hussain one year ago. They both are considered famous couples of Pakistan showbiz.

They make the perfect couple and God has gifted them a precious gift a son. Hence, now the latest pictures of the Iqra and Yasir are with their baby. However, they have not public the picture of their baby. They are seen doing some activity with their baby. Now the trending picture is Iqra is changing the Pamper of her baby.

She shares the pictures on social media but still, no one knows how the baby looks because there is no picture of the baby on social media.

People ask the couple to share a picture of their baby. But Yasir replies that they will soon share their baby picture when his wife will agree to share. Hence, we will update you about more information and pictures that they will share on social media.


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