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Latest news about the bride-to-be – Minal Khan!

We know that Pakistani Showbiz has some interesting and talented people. They all are famous for their best skills and the way they present themselves in the industry. Today, we will discuss one of the best actresses and models of the Industry Minal Khan.

Information of Minal Khan

Minal Khan is one of the best and talented girls in the industry. She has a twin sister Aimen Khan who is also a good and talented actress in the Industry. After marriage, Aimen is not seen on the screen, but Muneeb Butt has given astonishing dramas on the screen.

Now, Minal is performing stunning performances on the screen. Her roles in different dramas like Jalan, Ishq Hai, and many other dramas are appreciable by people. With her acting skills, she proved to be the best actress in the industry.

Engagement of Minal Khan

As we all know that in the previous time the pictures of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Akram’s engagement got viral. They both look pretty good and happy. Hence, many people think that they both make a perfect couple together.

However, before Ahsan Mohsin, Minal was engaged with her childhood friend Manzoor Khan. But their relation comes to end due to different reasons. Now, Minal is seen happy with her relation. People with her for a better life in the future with her future husband Ahsan Khan.

Marriage date announcement

After their engagement, new pics are viral on the internet. This picture is of their wedding card. Now, the couple is getting into a relation of marriage on the 10th of September. Everyone is curious about their wedding because after Aimen Khan Destination wedding everyone hopes that Minal Khan will be having a more splendid wedding plan.

The latest pictures that Minal uploaded on her social media account are of her Bride-to-be celebration. She is seen happy and excited. Her sister Aimen and other close friends have thrown the party and celebrating her happiness.

In most pictures, you can see Kinza Hashmi, Saboor Ali, Aimen Khan, and other close friends. They are holding different props and making a bride’s squad. All the decoration is stunning. Minal shares her happiness with her fans, and everyone is waiting for her marriage.

We wish her happy life ahead. We will update you about different things related to her marriage. Soon we will come with her bridal pictures.

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