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Do you know, Zara Noor Abbas is expecting?

We know that in Pakistan Showbiz, many people actors and actresses have a relation in the Showbiz. But they make their name without any recommendation and without using the name of their elders.

Today, we will discuss the celebrities who make their name with their talent and skills. Moreover, they both have happy news for their fans. So, our today spotlight is Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui.

Asad Siddiqui and Zara Noor Abbas

Asad Siddiqui and Zara Noor Abbas, both are talented and shining stars of Pakistan Showbiz. Asad Siddiqui is the nephew of Adnan Siddiqui but he did not take any favour from his uncle and prove himself in the industry as a shining star with his talent.

In the same way, Zara Noor Abbas is the daughter of Asma Abbas. The most talented women in the industry. Hence, Zara also worked in various films and dramas. Hence, she proved herself a precious stone in the industry with her skills. So, we can say that they both are self-made starts in the industry.

Relationship of Zara and Asad

We know that they both tie into a relation of marriage at the end of 2017. They both together make the perfect and cute couple. Everyone loved them. People shower their love for them by sharing their comments and appreciating them.

Good News

After four years of marriage, this couple is having a piece of good news to share with their fans. This news is, what Zara Noor Abbas is expecting. This is wonderful news for them. When people come to know about this news, they wish them happiness on their social accounts.

Hence, Zara has shared some pics on Instagram. She has a huge fan following. There everyone wished her and was amused to listen to this news. Everyone wants that the couple gets blessed with a healthy baby that can make their life better.

However, this news is not confirmed by the couple. But the latest pictures that she uploaded, people come to know about her pregnancy from there and start wishing her good luck for her pregnancy time.

Soon, we will come with the latest pictures of this beautiful couple and we wish that God will bless them with a healthy baby. As soon as we will get some news about the baby, we will update you soon.


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