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How to earn money from URL Shortener website?

How to earn money with a shorter URL? In the world of blogs and Internet, URLs play a specific role. Whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketing, owner of an e-commerce website or online service provider. You will need a direct URL access to cut your ordinary URLs.

Most blogging URLs or product links are long with source and UTM labels. The Association of the URLs so long not only has a bad air, but also discourages users who click on the URL when looking for social networks networks. Here, the URL manufacture apparatus appears in the movement.

How to make money from URL Shortener website?

Although there are many URLs from shorter websites, but here we will talk about some of the best websites of URL shorters, of which you can earn more and more money. You will find below a list of these websites.

First, you must create your account on the popular site noted below. After visiting these websites, you must first create your account by clicking Sign up, after that, you must log in with your account, then opens the dashboard, you get the types of options here. Here you also have the option to enter to shorten a long URL.

When you share these short URLs and visitors that go through this link, start showing on your count panel and the amount of gain you won, it also begins to show. You can directly deposit the funds in your bank account.

There are many URL nonsense of this website that pay anyone who click on the short URL. Find the best SWorkner URLs between them can be a bit difficult. That’s why we made a list of 5 shorter runners URL below.

1. Shorte.st

If you want to effectively use the direct access of the URL and make money to the URL shortcut service, you must rely on these websites. Shorthe.st deserves its confidence because it is one of the most routine of the URL of trust.

Short. It is also one of the highest URL shareholders on the web. USA of the audience, offers the highest remuneration rates of up to $ 14.04.

2. Za.gl

This website is also a very popular link shortening website in which you can easily earn money by reducing your links. At the same time, they also provide your payment at the right time. You must check it once.

3. Adf.ly

If you are looking for a safe and experienced URL shortening service, opt for ADF.LY. This is one of the most not paid URLs on the web.

Given its existence since the arrival of the payment service in the URL, the FAD.The is more reliable than its competitor.

4. Ouo.io

Ouo.io is another URL shortcut tool that helps you earn money online. Unlike other shortening websites of the main URL, Ouo.io pays twice a month.

Remuneration is confirmed on 1 and 15 of each month. However, you must cross the $ 5 payment limit to receive remuneration through PayPal or Payoneer. While, the remuneration limit for the Payoneer withdrawal is set at $ 50.

5. ShrinkMe.io

Shrinkme.io is undoubtedly one of the highest URL shareholders on this list. With Shrinkme.io, you can earn up to $ 10,000 for 10,000 clicks in direct access URL.

This company also provides a fee of $ 18 cpm for Ireland traffic. For traffic based in the United States, Strinkme.IO offers a fee of $ 14 cpm, while the CPM rate of the United Kingdom and Australia is $ 12 and $ 10, respectively.

6. Shortzon.com

If you are looking for a highly reliable and reliable and reliable URL shorter service with demonetting functions, shortzon.com is a better option.

The highest CPM in shortzon.com is $ 13 for traffic depending on the United States. Although the lowest CPM is $ 1 for the Philippine traffic, but the minimum CPM rate for country traffic is $ 3, which is very good.

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