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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3 in Urdu subtitle

give me 5 season 3

In the time of the quarantine, people have used the internet more. Many people have found their activities online. Many start their business and many find the way of entertainment. So, at this time many people have seen one of the famous turkey dramas Dirilis Ertugrul.

This drama has won the heart of the people. Moreover, it explains the way the Saltanat-e-Usmaniya Rule on the world. This drama contains much useful information that encourages and rise the trust of people in God.

However, people, this drama has 5 parts. You can also see the parts of Kurulus Osman. Its second season is coming. We wish that this historical drama has more parts. In Dirilis Ertugrul you can see various things and get information about Islam.

About Dirilis Ertugrul

Dirilis Ertugrul is based on a brave man who has blind faith in God. He struggled and become one of the famous warriors in the world. People knew him and respect him. This drama is historical that pays attention to every aspect and relation of life. Whether it is father-son relation, husband wife, or friendship. All the relation is worthy and people enjoy watching this drama. This drama has five seasons and in each season you get a new villain and story. All the story rotates around faith and bravery.

What do you see in the third season?

The first two parts are translated into Urdu, and it has a subtitle that makes it easy for the people. The third season has Urdu subtitles. You can get amazing and HD print from different websites.

In the third season, the journey of Ertugrul continues. He reached the area with his trusted companions. There he encourages his people to work hard and earn money. In this season, Hanili Bazar is a place where all the trading occurs. So, there he comes and sells the animal skins.

In this season, two more brave personalities of Islamic history were introduced. Aliyar and Aslahan Hatun. They both worked with Ertugrul and sacrifice their lives for Islam. The villains played a different trick to grab Erutugrul, but luckily he get out of the situation soon. However, all the story is amazing, and people love to watch this season online. You can also download a different episode of your wish. You can get the HD print of the episodes. They all are available with the Urdu subtitle.

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