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Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 download with the Urdu subtitle

give me 5 season 5

Dirilis Ertugrul is one of the famous drama serials. This seems to be one of the best dramas in the time of quarantine. Many people watched this drama during the quarantine period. People love the way everything is explained in this drama. The history of Islam and many other things.

In this drama, you can see various things and relations. You can know about the bravery of the hero. Hence, people love to see all the relationships because they are explained very nicely. The chemistry of the Ertugrul and Haleema was admirable. The love they share and the trust they have. In the fourth season, many people complain about the death of Haleema but there were some issues.

What do you get in season five?

In season five, you can see the three sons of Erutgrul. The elder son has to go through a tough time. But soon he comes to know his weaknesses. Ertugrul’s second son is decent and was studying medicine with Atuk Bay.

The younger one is sharp and intelligent like Ertugrul. Osman is brave and takes a decision that he thinks is better. He is wiser than his brother which is why Ertugrul knows that he will become one of the best leaders of his tribe.

In this season you can watch one villain who was one of the companions. But Ertugrul was a wise man so he had some doubt in him. However, he does not know about the reality of Albasit. But soon he comes to know who was albeit.

In this season, Ertugrul gets marry to Albulgae Hatun. She was the sister of Albsit but she was brave, intelligent, and pure heart. In this season, they made a couple of Ertugrul and Albalgae Hatun. However, in real history, Ertugrul did not marry any other lady. But this lady is one famous personality in the history of Islam.

You can get the best and HD print of this season. All the links are available from where you can get the best possible season. All the seasons are available free of cost. You can download and watch them online. Hence, the best part is all the seasons have the Urdu subtitle. They are good to watch. It also increases the knowledge that how our people worked hard to gain the Islamic area and to spread the light of Islam. We must also work on our faith and get the things that we have lost.

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