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Google is celebrating its 23 birthday via Doodle

The Google users know that whenever some event is there Google changes its signs related to the event. Now, the users of Google see the Birthday sign of Google. Google is celebrating its 23 birthday on the same date when it was introduced on the internet.

However, the history of Google is quite interesting. With time and its working, this search engine has become one of the best engines in the world. It gives various opportunities to its customers. So, they can easily use it.

Google birthday with Doodle

The users of Google observe that the Google sign is changed to a birthday sign. A cake having a candle under which 23 is written. However, this sign is a doodle and people are loving it. The 23 represents the twenty-third birthday.

This time Google has changed the sign on the exact date. In September 1988, this search engine come on the internet. The owner of Google says that this search engine was started by two computer scientists. It was their luck that with time this search engine become one of the famous and widely used search engines. Almost every third person uses this search engine.

From 1988 to till-to-date various changes are seen. All the changes are according to the requirements of the user. They worked to give a comfort zone to the users. From the facts, it is observed that Google has ranked on the top search engine that allows people to give answers to billions of queries. Moreover, the developer of the search engine makes it possible for the different countries to search in 150 plus languages.

Google has made searches easy and quick. With its advanced feature, Google has facilitated the customers. They have allowed the customer to set the language and get the result in their languages. Moreover, the dark and light feature of Google on laptops is the best step towards the eyes of people.

Hence, they are working on different criteria and features to give the best result and searches to people. The users of Google know that they will get accurate answers. The searches and different results make the task easy for people.

We expect the developer will work on other features and tries to give even better performance to the users. Hence, it is the mission of Google to give the best queries answers and make the world an informative place. So, everyone can easily access the information.


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