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AFilmywap – Download the latest HD movies 720p free download

AFilmywap is a movie downloading website that provides the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and Telegu for free. They are famous for leaking Ram Singh Charlie, Cursed 2020, Undekhi, Mafia 2020, Arya, Your honour, Lal Bazaar, Halahal 2020, London Confidential and Class of 83 2020. AFilmywap released these movies. However, AFilmywap is a pirated website where users can download movies for free in HD quality. A pirated website is illegal to use and banned by the government. Moreover, they can take severe actions against the website owner as they provide the content without copyright. All things apart, this golden website also offers every type of on-screen content, like web series, Indian web series, anime movies, dual audio movies etc.

About Filmywap

As you read above, Filmywap is a piracy website that offers free content to its users. They can download movies rather than watching in theatres. There is many users’ world that doesn’t like to go to the cinema to watch a movie rather than they watch it alone on their phone or with some friends. For those, AFilmywap offers a vast variety of movies so that you can manage them offline at any time and anywhere.

Filmywap is famous for providing movies in 480p as they are small in size but with good picture quality. So that they can save their data and watch the film for less cost. Furthermore, the website is easy to understand. There is no rocket since behind downloading the movie. Thanks to its simple web interface. You don’t need any account or access to download movies. All you have to do is find your favourite movie. Multiple links will appear to choose your favourite, and boom, your movie is now downloading.

AFilmywap Features

This website offers many features. One noticeable feature is that it provides good picture quality with low size. You can download movies in 480p in smaller sizes and high picture quality like 1080p in large sizes. The maximum height it provides vary from 300MB to 500MB. Another feature is that it allows for almost every genre as well as every industry movie. They also offer many popular web series, Indian web series, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Telugu movies, and anime movies. Furthermore, it also provides dual audio movies so that users can watch the movie in their favourite language.

AFilmywap Domains

AFilmywap is a pirated website. That is why it is banned in many states and countries. To keep the site alive and accessible to their fans. They use proxies to stay alive. they permanently get blocked by the internet, so they use multiple domains. Below is the list of domains hosted by AFilmywap.

There are many clones of AFilmywap as it is so popular. So how to identify the original website? There is the list below that belongs to the original website. We will help you find the original website, so stay away from the fake website and don’t waste time on them. These websites will not provide you with any content but will redirect you into pop up ads and can harm your device with ransomware.

  • AFilmywap com
  • AFilmywap in
  • AFilmywap movie
  • AFilmywap org
  • AFilmywap lol
  • AFilmywap art
  • AFilmywap net
  • AFilmywap one
  • AFilmywap biz
  • AFilmywap la
  • AFilmywap cc
  • AFilmywap fc

How to download a movie from AFilmywap

Downloading movies from AFilmywap is easy. Visit the website you will find the list of movies there. Find your favourite, or you can search through the search bar. AFilmywap has almost every category on the board, so there is a high chance that you will find your desired movie. However, after finding your desired movie, you will see multi links. Select your favourite server and start your film. There are also mirror listed on the website named AFilmywap streaming mirror 1 and AFilmywap streaming mirror 2.

AFilmywap Top leaked movies.

AFilmywap is famous for leaking movies. They have released many films for their fans on their website. There is the list below of movies informed by AFilmywap.

  • Ram Singh Charlie (2020)
  • Cursed 2020
  • Undekhi, Mafia 2020
  • AryaYour honour (2020)
  • Lal Bazaar (2020)
  • Halal 2020
  • London Confidential (2020)
  • Class of 83 (2020)

Is AFilmywap secure?

AFilmywap is a piracy website. Piracy is an act that includes making illegal copies of digital items like games, software’s, books and movies. That is why it is illegal to leak this kind of content online. Many websites can harm your device, and they act like offering range. So, the question is, visiting AFilmywap secure, does it contain harmful bugs or anything threatening to your device? The answer is no, and there is no harm from visiting this website. As per our information, the website doesn’t contain any bug or virus that can harm your device. So, it is easy and safe to visit this website. A precaution you can do is that use VPNs to avoid getting your data stolen.

To protect yourself, you can use turbo VPN, secure VPN, free VPN, Tunnel VPN, and Hotspot shield.

AFilmywap alternatives

Everyone is the same if you find hat site easy, but there is the possibility that other users find it difficult. So, there are many sites similar to AFilmywap. So can also use them to download your favourite movie. However, these sites are also the same. So, downloading movies from these sites is considered a crime and visiting and downloading content is at your risk.

  • Cmovies HD
  • Bolly4u
  • Filmy Zilla
  • Pitlocker
  • MoviesFlix
  • 4Fun Movies
  • Torrent King Now
  • Download Hub
  • 8xFilms
  • Klopp
  • Tamil Play
  • Free movies4u
  • YIFY Movies
  • movies TV


Piracy is illegal and packagespoint.com opposes Piracy. This content is given only for details, its purpose is not to encourage or promote piracy and illegal activities in any way. We at packagespoint.com do not support any illegal activity. Please guys stay away from this type of websites and choose the right way to download and watch the movie. 

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