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KLwap – Download Malayam, Telugu, Tamil Hindi Movies Online


These days, everyone wants to enjoy a good movie, especially after a long day of work where you just want to relax. You can easily find any English, Hindi, Russian movies on any platform. But this is not the case for Malayalam movies, as there are less websites that offer movies for free in Malayalam.

If that is the case, then you have come to the right place, as KLWap is your solution to finding Malayalam movies. KLWap offers downloadable content, as well as streamed movies in the Malayalam language. You can watch them for free without any need to rent a movie or pay a monthly subscription fee that can become a hassle.

What does KLWap do?

KLWap is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada movies. It has compiled the movies by language and by country, so you can search by genre and by language too. This makes it easy-to-use and you don’t have to go through any issues. You also don’t have to pay anything to watch these movies as they are free.

There are several ads that play before the movies that can help create a revenue for the developers and keep movies cost-free.

Can i download movies on KLWap?

Apart from streaming countless movies, you also have the option of downloading the movies that you want. KLWap acts as a torrent, which allows you to convert the mp4 files into zip format and then download them through a safe link.

After downloading, you can watch the content you want to or save it for a later time. The downloading as well as streaming times are fast and efficient, so this way you do not waste any of your precious time.

What movies does KLWap offer?

There are countless number of movies on KLWap ranging from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and many other languages. We will list down some of the most popular movies that are available to stream or download.

Movies like “Bhoot”, “Brahms”, “Mafia Chapter”, “Baaram”, as well as “Thappad”, “Chappak” and many other highly rated movies are available to watch and enjoy. The loading times are also very fast, and the downloading speed is fast too.


All in all, KLWap is your one-stop for all Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil movies. As these movies are scarce on the Internet, websites like these make it easy to access Malayalam movies. You can watch them for free and download them too. So go watch your favourite Malayalam movies now!

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