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NaaRockers- Download the latest HD movies 720p free download


Movies are loved and enjoyed by everyone, and everyone loves to relax and watch a good movie. It is very easy to access movies these days even for free. But the issue is, movies that are in languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada etc are very difficult to find especially for free as they are majorly region-restricted.

For this reason, developers have to find another solution to the problem. And the solution to the problem is the rising of websites like NaaRockers, which provide a platform to stream and download movies in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and many other languages.

NaaRockers is not only a great way to stream a movie for free, but it is also neatly organised, and full of fun movies to watch alone or with the family. If anyone wants to know how to stream Malayalam movies or download them, then they have come to the right place.

How does NaaRockers work?

NaaRockers works by providing a simple platform with movies in languages that are not easy to find anywhere else on the Internet. Anyone can stream and download movies at a fast rate and without any downloading issues. It is also easy to find movies in other languages.

There is no requirement to pay any money for the movies that are available as they are completely free. NaaRockers is the best way to enjoy a good Malayalam movie.

Why do NaaRockers have so many ads?

As NaaRockers provides movies in Malayalam that are free of cost, it means that there is no way that the developers can earn from the movies. This is why they need to place ads before the movies play, during the movies or around the screen so that they can earn revenue and keep the website running.

A good way to avoid the ads is just to click on the “skip” button after they play for a few seconds. This way major issues can be avoided.

Is NaaRockers illegal?

Unfortunately, yes it is illegal as the movies are pirated copies of the original movies. But this is the only way for them to provide full-HD quality movies without charging the viewer anything.

It is a personal choice to support streaming websites or not.


To conclude, NaaRockers is a website that allows streaming as well as downloading of all Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil movies for free. The download speeds are fast and the movies don’t cost anything. So go download movies free of cost from NaaRockers.

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