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YTS Torrent- the best torrent available 

Currently, in 2021, many websites are popping up that upload HD quality movies and TV shows for free, which allow anyone to watch newly released films without the need to pay for them. These piracy websites allow users to watch their favorite shows without issues and the need to go to a cinema. 

However, there is a risk factor involved with the usage of these websites. It is that viruses can get installed in the user’s computer. YTS Torrent is a website that is not like the others, as it provides a safer platform to download all newly released movies with the fear of viruses being installed. 

Which website is best for downloading the latest movies?

If the user is looking for an alternative to paying a hefty sum for one movie or TV show, they have come to the right place as YTS Torrent provides high-quality movies and TV shows without demanding any money from the user or any subscription fee. 

There is also a huge selection of films to choose from, whether older movies or new movies that you want to watch. 

What is YTS Torrent?

YTS Torrent is a pirated website that is illegal and hidden from the government that provides the latest leaks of newly released movies in cinemas and links to download the movies for free. 

It is one of the safest websites to go to since there are no annoying pop-up ads, neither are there any subscription fees involved in downloading the movies. The movies are also extremely high quality and are available in different qualities depending on the Internet connection. 

Are newly released movies available here?

With the number of movies being released every day, it is natural that people might want to watch newly released movies for free. Websites like YTS Torrent are excellent websites because they get updated regularly and upload high-quality movies every hour. 

The user can easily watch old movies and new movies, and they do not have to pay any subscription fee when using YTS Torrent. The movies do not get stuck, and there are no annoying ads to interrupt the movie experience. 

Is it legal to use this website?

As with all other pirated websites, the simple answer is no; this website is not legal to use as it does not hold a certificate of authenticity from the government. A certificate grants the developers of the website permission to upload content freely and use the website however they please. 

YTS Torrent is still very safe as it is visited hundreds of times a day by thousands of people wanting to download their favorite movies or TV shows for themselves or their families. 

Is YTS Torrent a popular website?

Considering that there have been dozens of copycat websites made from YTS Torrent that pretend to be YTS Torrent themselves, it can be made clear that YTS Torrent is a very popular website. It provides all the latest leaks of movies and all the new releases that the viewer might want to indulge in their favorite movie. 

Thousands of people visit YTS Torrent every day to check the news on new films and download them at the highest quality available. 

Does YTS Torrent run by a different domain name?

As YTS has several other domains names, and as it is an illegal website, to avoid being captured by the government, it has to run under different domain names

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Which formats are provided by the YTS Torrent?

YTS Torrent offers countless movies to choose from on its website. The user can choose from playing on the highest quality depending on their internet connection or lower quality. The good thing about YTS Torrent is that it caters to the need of all viewers. 

The audio and video quality available to watch ranges from 3gp, Mkv, Avi, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and HD Quality, so you can choose. 

Genres you can find on YTS Torrent

YTS Torrent offers a range of different genres to choose movies and download them. It depends on the user’s region, but it provides all Bollywood, Hollywood, Action, Thriller, Romance, Chick-Flick, Horror, True-crime, Documentaries, and several others. 

Does YTS Torrent have an app?

Unfortunately, YTS Torrent does not have an app as it becomes very difficult to download movies and TV shows on a phone rather than on a computer. So it is best to go to YTS Torrent and download movies directly from there as it is safer and a better alternative. 

Features of YTS Torrent

YTS Torrent has an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to watch movies even if they are new to technology. Another great feature of using YTS Torrent is that the user is free from viruses infiltrating their computer and negatively impacting it. 

YTS Torrent is also one of the best websites to go to if someone needs to download a movie for free, as YTS Torrent does not charge anything to download the movie. There are also no annoying ads that play before downloading a movie, which saves time. 

The links provided for downloading the movie are safer and more secure than the links on other torrent websites, leading the user to harmful and illegal websites. 

Steps to download the movie from YTS Torrent

The solution to downloading movies and TV shows from YTS Torrent is extremely simple. When user’s head over to the website, they can select the movie they want to download from a list of genres provided. 

After selecting the movie, the website redirects the user to a different domain name as the website is illegal. After redirecting, the link to download is provided. After clicking on the link, the user is first asked to prove they are not a robot by doing a small puzzle for user safety. After passing the verification test, the main and alternate links are provided if one does not work. 

After clicking on the download link, the user can select the quality and size of the file they want to download, depending on their Internet connection. It takes less than 5-10 minutes to download the movie. 


In conclusion, YTS Torrent is one of the best websites to visit if anyone wants to view and download their favorite movie. YTS Torrent is not only safe, but it is also free and safe from any malicious viruses. So go to YTS Torrent now and download from millions of movies available. 


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