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8xFilms 2022, Free Bollywood and Hollywood Movies


These days, due to COVID 19 spreading like wildfire, it is normal that all movie theatres and cinemas are closed. People might want to enjoy movies but have nowhere to go to watch the newly released films. So what do they do? During this time, the best thing to do is sit at home and watch movies on the computer.

Official websites offer movies that can be rented or bought for a full price, but these movies are often very costly. And no one wants to pay the heavy amount for one or two hours of entertainment. So what now? We have got the best solution for everyone.

Pirated websites offer free content 24/7, and they don’t charge a single cent. They offer countless movies in hundreds of languages and therefore provide countless hours of entertainment to people worldwide. 8xfilms is one of the pirated websites which offers free movies.

Which website is best for downloading the latest movies?

Why pay for movies when you can watch them for free on pirated websites. They can offer movies ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Russian, Spanish, and movies in many other genres and languages. The issue with pirated websites is that, more often than not, they are filled with useless ads and viruses that can infiltrate and hack your computer.

So it is better to be careful and stay safe, and browse websites like 8xfilms, which offers free content and makes sure that you stay safe.

What is 8xfilms?

8xfilms is a website that offers movies free of cost, ranging from action, thriller, horror, comedy, romance, and many other genres. The movies are high quality and play without any lag. The movies are high-quality because 8xfilms offers audio and video playback in several qualities that cater to all Internet speeds.

The movies are labeled and categorized into their genres so that the user can find their favorite movie. There are also several servers that the movies play on.

Are newly released movies available here?

With the huge number of movies being released every day, it is natural that people want to watch new content every day. For this reason, 8xfilms updates its servers hourly so that new movies are uploaded to the servers. This feature allows a large variety of movies to choose from so that there is endless content to browse.

There are new movies as well as old movies and TV shows for the user to watch.

Is it legal to use this website?

These pirated websites all offer the same type of content, and the content is highly illegal as it is stolen straight from official websites and uploaded to a torrent website to stream and download. To stay away from the government, websites like 8xfilms change their domain names to avoid getting caught.

Nonetheless, 8xfilms is certainly an illegal website, so anyone who wants to watch movies on this website should do so at their own risk.

Is 8xfilms a popular website?

8xfilms has had to change its official name many times due to its increasing popularity. People from all around the world log in to watch movies that are released daily. It is trusted and loved by millions of people; this is why it has high watch-time as people watch content on it every single day.

It is a very popular site that offers countless hours of entertainment and is perfect for anyone relaxing.

Does 8xfilms run by a different domain name?

Because 8xfilms has a lot of copycats, the official company has had to change its domain name several times; we have listed down some of the names that have been used to search for movies on 8xfilms.

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Which formats are provided by the 8xfilms?

8xfilms is packed with movies that run on all servers and in all different types of formats. The different formats that are offered range from 120p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, ultra-HD, OLED, high-definition, 3pv, and many others.

This feature allows everyone to watch content for free regardless of their Internet connection, strong or weak. This way, any user can log in, search for their favorite movie, select the format, and start enjoying their favorite TV show.

Genres you can find on 8xfilms:

8xfilms has countless genres to offer that cater to both adults as well as teenagers. There are also movies for young children and toddlers so that no one is left behind. Below listed are the available genres to choose from, ranging from several different genres.

8xfilms offers movies ranging from Action, Thriller, Horror, Drama, Sports, Children, Science fiction, biopics, Music, Comedy, Romance, War, Documentation, and Children’s cartoons.

Does 8xfilms have an app?

If the person does not feel like sitting at a desk watching a movie and would rather enjoy the movie on their phone, they can download the 8xfilms app. This way, they can enjoy the movie free of cost in bed, where they are extremely comfortable.

The app offers countless hours of entertainment as all the movies are collected into their genres so that people can choose from the available movies and do not feel the need to search through the millions of available movies.

Features of 8xfilms:

8xfilms is a pirated movie website that has countless features that make it an extremely useful website. Firstly, it has an easy-to-use interface that can be understood by children and older adults who are new to technology. This feature allows everyone to enjoy their favorite movie and tv show.

Another great feature of 8xfilms is that they don’t charge anything for the movies. They don’t make the user pay a subscription fee, nor do they have to enter your credit card details to watch a movie. There is also no need to sign up for a new account; this way, the website cannot track anyone’s location and IP address.

Steps to download the movie from 8xfilms:

The means to download any film or TV show from 8xfilms is incredibly straightforward so kindly follow these after advances. After the watcher has headed onto 8xfilms, they can look from many motion pictures and snap on their beloved film.

Head over to any server that plays the film. Beneath the ideal film, the viewer will see a button marked “Download film,” There will be various servers, so pick carefully so as not to get impacted by any interruptions.

If necessary, we suggest using a VPN as the site is unlawful, and using a VPN keeps your PC from getting contaminated. After tapping on the right connection, the client can choose the video quality to download and the video record size.

In a couple of moments, the server will download the video, and the watcher can watch it whenever they need to.


Piracy is illegal and packagespoint.com opposes Piracy. This content is given only for details, its purpose is not to encourage or promote piracy and illegal activities in any way. We at packagespoint.com do not support any illegal activity. Please guys stay away from this type of websites and choose the right way to download and watch the movie.

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