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Some of the Best Military Schools in Florida


Many young people are attracted to studying in military schools because these are known for their high academic standards as well as a strict and disciplined daily routine in the boarding schools. Learning self-discipline and gaining a personal standard of excellence is something that young people can benefit from through the years, even after they graduate from high school and college. Here are a few examples of military schools in Florida:

1. Admiral Farragut Academy (St. Petersburg, FL) – An outstanding military school in Florida with a reputation of providing children with a well-rounded education. The school boasts of 75 years of dedication to shaping young minds and preparing them for a bright future. The school has a college preparatory program which aims to help young people find the right college or university for them and to successfully go through the admissions process.

One unique feature of the Admiral Farragut Academy is that it has an Aviation Academy where young people can get a hands-on experience learning about aviation and the science behind flying. Students gain an advantage is they plan to go to a military academy after high school, and they also gain a love for science. The school also has a marine Science Academy where students can get a hands-on experience on what marine science is all about. With trips outside school and diving expeditions, young people can get a more intimate knowledge about this science as well as sailing.

The school has a very diverse community that includes students from the international community.

2. Florida Air Academy (Melbourne, FL) – This school is one of the largest in the state and it’s also one of the few schools that admit students as young as sixth grade. Most of the time, boarding schools only admit students from the 9th grade up to 12th grade (sometimes including postgraduate courses). The school’s strong academic program is the core of its success, further strengthened by low student-teacher ratio and an excellent staff that’s dedicated to stimulating young minds and imagination.

Students who are interested to go on to good colleges and universities will be happy to know that Florida Air Academy has a very good track record when it comes to their college acceptance rate. As a college preparatory school, this school is one of the best in the State.

The school also has a very firm code of honor and discipline. Students are expected to live by this everyday, from the time they wake up, go through class, study hall, interact with students and teachers.

Aside from their excellent academic program, the school also has a diverse range of sporting, recreational, and other extracurricular activities that students can choose from. This includes the school’s marching band, which doesn’t only give students the chance to improve on their music skills but also gives them an opportunity to travel to other parts of the state. The school’s marching band is often invited to play at different social events around the state.

Overall, the school is a warm and close-knit community where like-minded young people are cultivated to become productive members of the society.

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