Apple Releases iOS 17 Beta 7 to Developers – What’s New Here’s

Apple has released the seventh beta of iOS 17 to developers for testing purposes. This beta comes two weeks after the release of iOS 17 beta 6 and includes bug fixes and performance improvements. In this article, we will take a look at what’s new in iOS 17 beta 7 and the changes it brings.


iOS 17 is Apple’s next major software update for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was first unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2023 in June. The update brings new features like interactive widgets, major improvements to iMessage, visual lookup for photos, and much more.

iOS 17 is currently in beta testing before its public release planned for Fall 2023. Apple seeds new betas to developers every two weeks or so. This allows developers to test their apps against the new OS and provide feedback to Apple.

The iOS 17 beta 7 is the latest beta version released to developers. It likely includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and improvements over the previous beta. While the update does not introduce wholly new features, there are notable changes.

Refinements to Existing Features

iOS 17 beta 7 brings refinements to some of the features that have been introduced in earlier betas:

Interactive Widgets

The interactive widgets introduced in iOS 17 allow users to interact with widget content without opening the main app. In iOS 17 beta 7, the widget interactions have been refined.

For example, you can now like and reply to comments directly within the Messages widget rather than having to open the Messages app. The Music widget also allows you to start playing music immediately without launching the Music app.

Overall, the interactive widgets feel more seamless and integrated in beta 7. The interactions are smoother, taps register more accurately, and gestures like swipes work reliably.

Visual Look Up

Visual Look Up in iOS 17 uses image recognition to identify objects, landmarks, books, plants, pets, and more in photos. It provides useful information about the identified subject.

In beta 7, Visual Look Up has improved object recognition and provides more detailed information on recognized items. For example, it can now recognize different dog breeds more accurately and provide information like the breed history when you look up a dog photo.

The feature also seems faster at identifying objects and scenes in photos in the latest beta. Overall, Visual Look Up is noticeably improved.


There are two main improvements to iMessage in iOS 17 beta 7.

First, message filtering has been refined, allowing you to better customize which messages have priority and notify you. You can fine-tune filtering based on contacts, non-contacts, and unknown senders.

Second, the new SharePlay integration in iMessage has been enhanced. SharePlay in iOS 17 allows you to enjoy synced content like movies or songs with your contacts while chatting in iMessage.

In beta 7, the integration feels tighter. Inviting others to join SharePlay from within iMessage conversations is more seamless. Syncing also feels more stable even with multiple participants.

New Emojis

iOS 17 beta 7 includes the upcoming new emojis that Apple previewed earlier. These include new smileys, hand gestures, animals, foods, household objects, and more.

Popular new additions include:

  • Pink heart emoji
  • Light blue heart emoji
  • Gray heart emoji
  • Moose emoji
  • Donkey emoji
  • Jellyfish emoji
  • Hyacinth emoji
  • Pea pod emoji
  • Ginger emoji
  • Folding hand fan emoji

The new emojis will make messaging more fun and expressive. They liven up the emoji keyboard with cute and quirky new options.

App Updates and Improvements

In addition to OS-level improvements, iOS 17 beta 7 also brings updates and enhancements to built-in apps and services.

Some notable app refinements include:

Weather App

  • More detailed 10-day weather forecast
  • Precipitation maps for rain, snow, etc.
  • Enhanced visuals and animations for weather conditions

Apple Maps

  • Improved transit directions and ETAs
  • Look Around feature expanded to more cities
  • Immersive 3D maps of select cities


  • More powerful smart suggestion engine
  • Location-based reminders improvements


  • Shared tab groups made more discoverable
  • Improved Tab overview with larger previews
  • Better support for web extensions

Wallet App

  • Stronger integration with Apple Pay
  • Apple Card improvements like better transaction history
  • Support for virtual car keys

So iOS 17 beta 7 brings under-the-hood refinements and front-facing changes to improve the user experience.

Bug Fixes

In addition to new features and enhancements, iOS 17 beta 7 targets bugs and issues present in earlier betas. Some of the fixed bugs include:

  • Apps freezing and becoming unresponsive
  • Cellular data connectivity issues
  • Random device shutdowns and crashes
  • Widgets failing to update information
  • Problems with Handoff and Universal Control
  • Strange behavior of the keyboard and autocorrect
  • Error creating iCloud backups
  • Inability to play Lossless Audio tracks

So beta 7 delivers much-needed stability and performance improvements over previous iOS 17 builds. The software feels more polished, responsive, and bug-free with the latest beta installed.

Battery Life Improvements

Battery life is crucial for any iPhone update. iOS 17 beta 7 specifically targets battery drain issues and idle power consumption problems faced in prior betas.

Apple has optimized background app activity in the latest beta. This helps limit background processes from consuming too much power when the phone is not in active use.

Intelligent battery charging has also been refined to slow battery aging by reducing the time iPhones spend fully charged. There are also general power optimization enhancements in beta 7.

Overall, users should see noticeably better battery life compared to iOS 17 beta 6 and earlier. The improvements will allow iPhones to last longer between charges.

Accessibility Enhancements

iOS 17 brings several key accessibility improvements, including:

  • Door detection via LiDAR scanner on iPhone and iPad Pro models to help users with vision impairments navigate new spaces.
  • Apple Watch mirroring which allows actions like pinch-to-zoom to be controlled from Apple Watch even if the iPhone is not nearby.
  • Support for locating Bluetooth beacons placed around the home and configured through the Find My app to help blind users identify rooms.

Beta 7 refines these features further and adds a few more enhancements like Live Captions for FaceTime calls and easier ways to customize display and text size right from Control Center. Apple is making a concerted effort to make its devices more usable.

Execution Advancements

In expansion to bug fixes and battery life upgrades, iOS 17 beta 7 moreover contains common execution changes. Activitys and moves are discernibly smoother compared to past betas. Apps moreover dispatch speedier and looking over has less slack.

Apple has optimized the basic iOS code to form errands like opening apps, swiping between domestic screen pages, and pulling up Control Center snappier. There are too GPU and CPU boosts that progress system-wide execution for both design and processor-intensive errands.

The execution updates in beta 7 make the whole iOS experience feel more responsive. Indeed on more seasoned iPhone models just like the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, iOS 17 feels quick and liquid with the most recent optimizations.

Refinements to Framework Apps

The center framework apps included with iOS have moreover gotten clean and refinements in beta 7. This makes a difference circular out the client involvement over Apple’s apps.

For illustration, the Wellbeing app has simpler to get it charts and patterns rundowns for wellbeing measurements like action, rest, and nourishment. The Domestic app makes it less difficult to control and mechanize shrewd domestic gadgets. Indeed littler apps like Contacts, Calculator, and Clock have visual touch-ups.

Refinements to framework apps might appear minor exclusively. But collectively, they include up to a more cohesive and astute involvement over the center iOS interface.

More Dependable Cellular and Wi-Fi Network

Network is crucial for any versatile gadget, and iOS 17 points to supply dependable cellular and Wi-Fi organizing. The most recent beta moves forward steadiness for both.

Organizing upgrades cruel speedier matching with known Wi-Fi get to focuses. There’s moreover superior dealing with of captive portals and login screens when interfacing to open Wi-Fi hotspots. Most clients should see fewer occurrences of disappointing association disappointments.

On cellular, the beta empowers quicker fallback from 5G to 4G LTE when 5G network is spotty. Handoff between cellular and Wi-Fi is additionally smoother. For case, when rejoining a Wi-Fi network after being out of run incidentally.

Solid organizing may be a must for advanced smartphones, and iOS 17 beta 7 makes recognizable upgrades on this front.

What’s Another After Beta 7?

Beta 7 is unlikely to be the final beta adaptation some time recently iOS 17’s last discharge. We are able anticipate a couple of more builds some time recently open dispatch.

Apple will proceed testing and tweaking the OS up to discharge. There will likely be an iOS 17 beta 8 discharge with extra refinements. iOS 17 beta 9 may take after in late Admirable or early September.

The iOS 17 GM (Golden Master) construct will be the ultimate beta given to designers shortly before open dispatch. Typically the build that will be discharged to the common open.

So whereas we are getting exceptionally near to the wrapped up item, Apple still has a few testing and polishing cleared out to do. The final few betas will maximize steadiness and execution some time recently the drop iOS 17 make a big appearance.

Ought to You Install the iOS 17 Beta?

For most normal clients, we do not suggest introducing the iOS 17 beta on your main iPhone. The beta is aiming for designers to test apps and for devotees to undertake out unused highlights. It isn’t refined sufficient for most casual clients.

Bugs and execution issues are common with betas. Some apps and administrations may not work completely. Battery life is additionally likely more awful than the open builds.

Be that as it may, introducing the beta can be an energizing way to involvement iOS 17 early. It is decently steady in its current frame. In the event that you’ve got a auxiliary gadget and do not intellect potential bugs, the iOS 17 beta gives a see into long-term of iPhone computer program.

iOS 17 Congruous Gadgets

iOS 17 will be compatible with:

iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Professional Max

iPhone 13/13 mini/13 Pro/13 Pro Max

iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Master Max

iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

iPhone XR/XS/XS Max

iPhone X

iPhone 8/8 Plus

iPhone SE 2nd and 3rd gen

The iPhone 6S, 6S Additionally, and 1st gen iPhone SE will now not be upheld as they as it were support up to iOS 15.

Wrapping Up

iOS 17 beta 7 moves us genuinely closer to the public release of Apple’s enormous iPhone overhaul. The beta makes strides steadiness, includes modern emoji, improves openness, and refines the client involvement.

A couple of more betas are anticipated some time recently the expected September dispatch. iOS 17 is forming up to be a point of reference overhaul stuffed with unused capabilities that will keep the iPhone new and competitive. The total update two a long time back in iOS 15 was fair the starting. iOS 17 looks set to take things to the another level with spearheading highlights like intelligently widgets and consistent iMessage integration all over.

Energizing times are ahead, and iOS 17 beta 7 provides a window into that future. Apple is difficult at work perfecting what will likely be the foremost progressed versatile OS out there. Remain tuned for more points of interest as we close the iOS 17 make a big appearance.

The Fervor Builds as iOS 17 Nears Open Dispatch

With iOS 17 beta 7 presently accessible, we are within the domestic extend of one of Apple’s greatest iOS discharges ever. iOS 17 marks the following advancement of the iPhone computer program encounter. It builds on the radical overhaul presented in iOS 15 whereas bringing imaginative unused capabilities.

Intelligently widgets, Visual See Up, and iMessage integration alone make iOS 17 a point of interest upgrade. The total bundle conveys upgrades over the whole framework. Refinements both major and minor contribute to an made strides by and large encounter.

iOS 17 feels just like the normal another step taking after the establishment laid by iOS 15. It appears that Apple isn’t perplexed to proceed reimagining how we connected with our gadgets. The company that revolutionized smartphones is still improving more than a decade afterward with highlights clients will ponder how they ever lived without.

Of course, Apple did not halt at fair modern user-facing capabilities. Beneath the surface, iOS 17 boosts execution, hones security assurances, and refines network. Upgrades like these are just as vital indeed in spite of the fact that they may go unnoticed. Speedier gadgets with solid associations are something all clients will appreciate.

The consideration to detail Apple gives to things like emoji and accessibility also appear its commitment to incorporation. iOS has long driven the industry in these regions. Making gadgets consistent and usable for all remains a key center with comprehensive upgrades for vision, hearing, portability, and cognitive inabilities.

iOS 17 Beta 7 in specific illustrates that Apple is putting the wrapping up touches on this yearning discharge. The beta’s refinements address real-world usage and edge cases. Broad inner testing combined with designer input makes a difference smooth harsh edges.

The few remaining betas will maximize iOS 17’s capabilities whereas dispensing with any waiting issues. When iOS 17 does hit consumer iPhones this September, it’ll arrive with momentous clean for an beginning adaptation.

Energy From Both Clients and Engineers

As the discharge draws close, energy for iOS 17 is justifiably developing among both clients and engineers.

For clients, iOS 17 brings numerous unused highlights they have been asking for a long time. Things like always-on display, intuitively widgets, and way better informing integration with iMessage have been on the wishlist for a whereas. iOS 17 looks prepared to at last provide these capabilities in a ordinarily keen Apple way.

The modern capacities will permit clients to be more beneficial and expressive. At the same time, Apple jam the straightforwardness and ease of utilize iOS is known for. Striking this adjust is key for engaging to Apple’s differing client base.

Engineers are similarly eager for iOS 17 and the unused instruments it gives. Innovations like SwiftUI proceed developing rapidly, making app advancement speedier and multi-platform. Make ML makes a difference democratize on-device insights. And upgrades like iMessage integration donate developers ways to lock in clients in completely modern situations.

The eagerness around iOS 17 is evident in the appropriation of the first engineer beta. Inside 24 hours of discharge, the beta was as of now introduced on 10% of dynamic gadgets. This prompt fervor bodes well for a smooth rollout as third-party apps will race to include iOS 17 bolster.

Of course, the genuine degree of victory will be client fulfillment once iOS 17 lands on customer gadgets. But the early indications are overwhelmingly positive so distant.

The iPhone Environment Proceeds to Develop

Venturing back, iOS 17 speaks to another strong step forward within the proceeding maturation of the Apple gadget environment.

With equipment presently exceeding expectations year to year, the heaviest lifting falls to program and administrations to convey progressions. Apple has demonstrated talented at building out its stages steadily over time.

Each year brings unused capabilities that coordinated firmly with both equipment and other computer program components. Apple Silicon permits for more profound OS optimization. And the quick appropriation of modern iOS adaptations implies the larger part of clients remain current and can advantage from the latest highlights.

These qualities combine to raise the bar year after year for the whole client involvement. iOS 17 stands to pack in more modern highlights than a few companies provide over numerous OS eras.

Google’s Android stage, for case, has battled with fracture holding back computer program development. The lion’s share of Android devices run years-old OS adaptations without later upgrades. This is often in stark differentiate to Apple’s consistent environment.

With portable stages developing, advancement becomes challenging. Small, incremental changes are the standard over the industry. But Apple proceeds to raise desires by pressing genuinely unused encounters into yearly iOS overhauls. The company seems as persuaded as ever to thrust things forward.

What’s Still to Come?

iOS 17 is still fair the primary step in Apple’s program guide. There’s so much more still to come both this year and encourage within the future.

Afterward in 2023, we are going see comparing upgrades for iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. These will bring iOS 17 highlights to other devices while moreover including upgrades interesting to each stage.

The software integration over all of Apple’s items has never been tighter. This opens up conceivable outcomes like consistent handoff between gadgets that competitors cannot coordinate.

Assist ahead, Apple is rumored to be inclining up work on an AR/VR headset and AR glasses. These gadgets will require ground-up software innovation to convey modern interface ideal models and client encounters. iOS will play a key part fueling and interfacing future Apple wearable gadgets.

So indeed after the gigantic discharge of iOS 17, Apple engineers are hard at work building what comes another. The quick cadence of unused iOS highlights and capabilities is likely to proceed.

Long-term Looks Shinning with iOS 17

With iOS 17, the future looks brighter than ever for Apple users. iOS 17 beta 7 gives us a see of that future whereas demonstrating Apple’s commitment to fabulousness in computer program development.

The profundity and breadth of modern highlights shipping this fall will reshape the iPhone encounter. Apple has demonstrated once once more that iOS remains the foremost progressed versatile stage pushing the boundaries of what phones can do.

Energy is naturally building with the public discharge presently just weeks absent. iOS 17 will land at a time when clients depend on iPhones more than ever. The gadgets are central to numerous peoples’ individual and work lives.

That creates it pivotal for Apple to convey compelling advancements year after year. With iOS 17, it shows up they have succeeded once once more. Apple’s track record ingrains certainty that iOS will keep advancing in energizing ways for numerous a long time to come.

One thing is certain:

with iOS 17, the best is however to come. Apple is balanced to convey its most effective computer program upgrade however, satisfying key client wishes whereas pioneering new capabilities. iOS 17 looks set to maintain Apple’s long tradition of development within the palm of your hand. 

Apple’s iOS 17 is forming up to be a momentous overhaul for iPhone clients. iOS 17 beta 7 illustrates that Apple is putting the wrapping up touches on refining the client involvement some time recently open dispatch. With capable unused highlights like intelligently widgets,enhanced visual lookup, SharePlay integration, and major enhancements to apps like Maps, Climate, and Wallet, iOS 17 guarantees to be a turning point discharge. 

Whereas a couple of more betas are still anticipated, iOS 17 is about highlight total and centering on optimization and bug fixes. For iPhone clients, the longer term looks inconceivably shinning with iOS 17. It appears Apple remains committed to conveying the foremost progressed software experience on any smartphone. 

iOS 17 brings the iPhone stage to the another level with developments clients will ponder how they ever lived without. The complete open discharge is presently tantalizingly near, and guarantees to be one of the greatest iOS overhauls in a long time, cementing the iPhone’s put as the industry pioneer.


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