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We live in an age where our lives are dependent on technology more than ever and technology has made its way to every part of the globe due to its numerous applications. Prior to the advent if technology, communicating across vast distances was either impossible or simply too time consuming. Many methods were adopted to communicate such as pigeons and horse-back messengers. Best Waterproof Phones

Mobile phones popped to the scene back in the late 90s and early 2000s, and they were an instant hit. Despite the fact that the early mobile phones were chunkier and looked more like a brick than a communicating device, everyone wanted to have one as it greatly saved them time and were convenient.

Over the years, mobile phoned have evolved to the point where they are powerful enough to take on tasks that were previously only possible on computers such as video editing, accessing the internet and watching movies. Earlier mobile phones were not able to do that and seeing the power of the evolved phones, a new term was coined ‘Smartphones’.

Best Waterproof Phones of 2020

Apple began the race with their launch of the iPhone back in 2007 and this led to other manufacturers adapting to the new breed of phones, ones which had it all. But, one of the issues with smartphones was that they were not immune to the elements of weather but that too, has been fixed. And if we are to talk about the Best Waterproof Phones in 2020 then, only a few come in mind such as:

Apple iPhone 11

This is one of the best water-resistant phones that are available in the market due to their ability to withstand up to 13 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have a slightly better endurance when it comes to water as they can withstand depths of up to 4 meters of water for up to half an hour.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The S series has always been the flagship of Samsung and as expected of flagships, they are always packed to the brim with new features. The S20’s water endurance is also an honourable mention, as they can function in depths of up to 5 meters of water for up to half an hour.

Galaxy Note 10 

The Note Series is geared more towards creative people as it comes with an S pen, which allows individuals to be more creative with their phones. The Note series has always been slightly more powerful when compared to the S series, regardless, it has the ability to go into 5 meters of water, remain there for 30 minutes and still be able to function excellently.

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