Crypto Arena Seating Chart With Seat Numbers – A Detailed Guide

The recently renamed Crypto Arena in Los Angeles offers premier entertainment experiences with concerts, sports, and more in an intimate venue with just over 18,000 seats. Understanding the arena’s layout through seating charts with exact seat numbers and sections helps fans choose the perfect tickets.

Overview of Main Crypto Arena Sections

The Crypto Arena organizes all seating into five clockwise sections surrounding the central stage on the arena floor:

Floor Seats – Folding chairs set up on the arena floor offering closest views to the stage. Requires separate tickets.

Premier Seats – First few rows of permanent lower bowl tiered seating. Elevated sight lines with cushioned chairs.

Loge Seats – Middle tier of permanent steeply vertical seating for clear views from farther back.

Reserve Seats – Uppermost back rows of permanent chair back seating under overhangs. Most affordable option.

Suites – Enclosed luxury suites holding groups between 6 and 30+ people available to rent.

Now let’s explore how specific seating chart rows and seat numbers break down within these main arena sections.

Detailed Floor Seat Rows With Numbers

The Crypto Arena floor seats place fans right around the stage on ground level without tiered rows. Separate floor tickets must be purchased instead of lower or upper bowl seats. Portions are categorized into:

Floor A: Seats closest to extended general admission “pit” standing room areas right against the stage. Have sections A1-A12.

Floor B: Middle floor seats divided into numbered rows B1 through B10 fanning out from center stage.

Floor C: Furthest floor seats wrapping the outer edges behind Floor B in rows C1-C5 around the arena perimeter.

Exact seat numbers on floor range from seat 1 on the left aisle to higher numbers towards the center in each lettered row. For example, Floor B Row 5 Seat 10 would sit towards the middle of the center floor rows.

Premier Lower Bowl Rows With Seat Numbers

Premier seating constitutes the lowest permanent tiered rows in the arena bowl offering elevated sight lines. Sections include:

Premier East & West (Rows PR1 to PR8): First 8 rows dividing the eastern and western arena sides. Seat 1 starts on aisles.

Premier Corners (Rows PR501-PR515): First 15 rows curving around the northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest corners. Numbered seats start at aisle.

Premier seat numbers reflect exact positions moving from left aisles incrementally towards the higher numbers at section centers in each numbered row. Specific numbers can be cross-referenced using full crypto arena seating maps.

Loge Level Tier Rows With Seat Numbers

The loge level makes up the middle arena tier with steep vertical construction rising above floor and premier zones:

Loge Baseline (Rows L1-L17): 17 rows dividing baseline east/west loge zones directly behind basketball hoops. Low rows offer basketball court views.

Loge Corners (Rows L301-330): 30 loge rows wrapping northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest corners. Features own loge concessions.

As with all Crypto Arena seating, loge seat numbers pinpoint exact locations, with seat 1 beginning left aisles and numbers running in sequence towards section centers per row.

Upper Reserve Rows With Seat Numbers

The highest rear rows of permanent chairback seats make up the reserve zone under upper overhangs:

Reserve Baseline Side (1-16 even rows): Upper baseline rows above loge split by odds/evens from center. Lowest height.

Reserve Corners (Rows 301-330): 30 rows ascending around the upper corner curves in line with lower loge corners below. Highest points.

Though cheapest tickets, reserve seat numbers remain consistent, starting from seat 1 at aisle beginnings up to higher numbers tracking inward per row.

Finding Suite Seat Numbers

Finally, luxury suites with premium amenities have unique sections:

Premier Suites (207-231) : Privately partitioned luxury suites adjacent to premier seating. Seats 6-20 people.

Loge Suites (207-231): Enclosed VIP suites beside upper loge rows holding smaller parties of 6 to 16 people comfortably.

Suite numbers identify distinct rented spaces instead of rows/seats, allowing full suite rental for intimate gatherings with the best views.

How Seat Numbering Works Per Row

All Crypto Arena seating charts rely on consistent seat numbering logic across floor, premier, loge and reserve rows:

  • Numbering starts at seat 1 beginning from left aisle side of sections
  • Numbers proceed incrementally towards higher digits nearing row centers
  • Lower digits are closer to aisles (easier entry/exit)
  • Higher digits sit nearer section centers (higher pricing)
  • Floor/Premier = longer rows with 30+ seats many rows
  • Loge/Reserve = shorter rows with as few as 8 seats per row in corners

When choosing seats, consider aisle proximity preferences against being centered facing the stage.

Best Seats for Concerts By Number

Picking ideal seats numbers for concerts means balancing proximity for clear views against affordability. Recommended spots include:

  • Floor A/B: Closest immersive views of artists on stage in center sections A5/B5 near the fan pit. Prices run high.
  • Premier Center: Rows PR5-7 center seats 15-20 put you closer than loge with minimally obstructed views at moderate prices.
  • Loge Corners: Budget views bringing you closest without premier costs. Lead corner loge seats like 107-108 in rows L1-5 recommended.

Avoid far left/right periphery floor seats and rear corners behind the stage in reserve sections 301+ for concerts.

Best Seats for Sports By Number

Unlike concerts favoring the front center, picking the right sports seating depends on court visibility. Top seat number suggestions:

  • Floor A: Sit courtside center in rows A5-A7 near team benches for a premium price to be part of sideline action.
  • Premier Baseline: East/West baseline rows PR2-5 in seats 13-17 overlook courts closely for great value and easy stair access.
  • Loge Box Seats: Upper rows like L13-15 down low near team benches let you see player faces. Lead corner seats like 111-112 also recommended.

Avoid the highest rear corners (330+) with distant bird’s eye views lacking detail along with obstructed periphery floor seats.

Seating Charts With Exact Number Locations

While the above guides seat selections by row and section, visualizing actual seat numbers on Crypto Arena maps provides greater context:

Floor Seating Chart With Numbers

Show Image

Lower Bowl Seating Map With Numbers

Show Image

Club Level Seating Chart With Numbers

Show Image

Use the maps above when buying tickets to pinpoint exact reserved locations based on pricing level. Search seat views from sections to compare sightlines before picking seats using ticket seller 360 degree digital views.

5 Key Tips Choosing Seats By The Numbers

Keep these top suggestions around choosing your ideal seat numbers at Crypto Arena:

  1. Check seat views online – Don’t pick blindly. Research actual seat vantage points via ticketing 360 degree digital views.
  2. Read the fine print -ticket disclaimers around transfers, packages and more before buying.
  3. Consider aisle tradeoffs – Aisles mean easier entry/exit but also more disturbances. Weigh preferences.
  4. Bring binoculars if sitting far – High up seats way back benefit from magnified views when seeing facial expressions matter.
  5. Plan for crowds – With 18k fans, downtown traffic and lines getting in mean leaving ample time before Crypto events.

Frequently Asked Questions on Seat Numbers

In summary, here are answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions on how to pick the best Crypto Arena seat numbers:

Q: What are the best Crypto Arena seat numbers for concerts?

A: The front center floor seats closest to the stage in sections A5-B5 are ideal for immersive concert views with premier center seats like PR5-15 also recommended for clear elevated sight lines.

Q: What seat numbers provide the best views for Lakers games?

A: Courtside floor seats in rows A5-7 near team benches and the premier baseline east/west rows PR2-5 provide closest views of game action, with lower loge box seats down row L13 also in demand.

Q: How can I determine my exact seat location?

A: All Crypto

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