What is the current price of Gold in Pakistan?

Much precious metal is present in the world. People use them for different purposes. Different metals have different worth. So, today we will tell you about the best metal that is used all over the world, and that is GOLD.

Gold is the most precious metal. This is used all over the world. You can see many people wearing gold. The price of the Gold does not remain the same. Every day there is a different price. So, we will tell you about this also.

What is the price of Gold in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, with time the gold rates are changed. Today the rate of gold is Rs.98,000 per 10 grams. Different types of gold are available. Hence, in Pakistan, 22K and 24 K gold is sold. The 24K per gram costs Rs.98,948, and per tola costs Rs.115,411. The cost of 22K gold per gram costs Rs.90,702, and the cost per tola is Rs.105,793.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today

10 grams





1 Tola





Gold importance in Pakistan

In Pakistan, gold is used for many years. Pakistani women wear this as their jewellery, and some take gold as their investments. However, the rate does not remain the same. With time there is some variation in the prices of gold.

In Pakistan, the rate of gold is high. This is because the worth of Pakistani currency is low as compared to other currencies. Not only this, several different factors affect the price of gold. The factors are listed below.

Factors affecting the price of gold

  • If the demand increases, then the rate of gold also increases.
  • The price of the dollar affects the price of gold. If the rate of dollar increases, then the rate of gold increases.
  • If the supply of gold is short, then its rates are high.
  • The interest also effects in rising and fall of rates in prices.


In short, the rate of gold always changes. Sometimes the rate remains the same for a month, and sometimes in one month, you get different rates. So, we will keep you updated about the latest cost of gold.


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