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How to check jazz number

How to Check Jazz Number: According to science, human beings have a very short span of attention and as age progresses our ability to remember things, starts to deteriorate. It could also be triggered by the fact that we live in a modern world, where there are a million things that we need to remember every single day.

I mean, there are only so much that you can remember. At times, when our lives get a bit too hectic, we end up forgetting important stuff and of those things is our phone number. Today, we are going to help you figure out what to do when you have forgotten your phone number or to be more precise, your Jazz number. Firstly, there are the usual methods that we can use to try and find out the number of your Jazz Sim Card.

1. Call whoever is nearest to you and your number shall pop up on their screen.
2.  Another way is to locate the Sim Card packaging that the Sim card came in. It has your
phone number along with your PIN and your PUK code, printed on it.
3. Simply send a text message to your friend.

In case, these methods do not pan out then do no worry for there are a number of other options that you can try. Try the following methods to find out your Jazz phone number.

Jazz Website: Jazz

Send a text message

One of the methods of finding out your Jazz phone number is to simply type MNP and send it to 667. This method immediately brings all the details about your Jazz phone number such as your phone number, CNIC of owner of the Jazz Sim Card and your PUC code. If you are wondering about the cost of sending this message, then you will be happy to know that this service is free of cost and works even if your have no credit in your Jazz Sim Card.

Via USSD method

Another method of finding out your Jazz Sim Number is to simply go to the dial pad of your phone and dial *99#. By dialling this USSD code, you will instantly be sent all the details of your Jazz Sim Card instantly and just like the text message method, this too, is absolutely free.

Via Call

And lastly, we always have the option to call the Customer Care helpline and talk to the customer care representative. In the case of Jazz, the helpline number is 111 and upon dialling this number you will be taken to main menu to select your preferred language. After selecting your language, follow the instructions carefully until you are put through to the customer care representative. But keep in mind that when you are calling the Customer Care, you will be charged for the call and another thing to keep on mind is that the customer care representative will ask for the Jazz Sim owner’s CNIC, so, you will need to keep that handy as well.

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