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How to check ufone number

How to Check Ufone Number: In today’s day and age, we all live hectic lives and it often becomes difficult to remember all the things, after all, there is only so much that we can cram in our minds. No matter how hard we try to remember things we still often end up forgetting our essential details and one of those things is our phone number. When it comes to trying to remember our number, many of us end up failing miserably but there is an easy fix to overcome that. We are here to help you out when you end up forgetting your phone number.

Some of the ways to find out your ufone number are as follows:

1- Send a text to your friend.

2- Call someone nearby to find out your number.

These methods have been tried and tested but if there are more complexities such as you not having credit or you not having anyone nearby to call. In such cases, there are more effective ways to find out what your phone number is. Below we discuss methods that can be more effective in helping you findout your ufone number.

Call the Customer Care Service

Every network provider has a dedicated number that the user can call to talk to the customer care representative and in ufone’s case the number is 033-11-333-100. Call this number and follow the instructions carefully until you are put in touch with the customer care representative. Keep in mind that the representative might ask for your CNIC number. So, keep the SIM owner’s ID card handy for you might need it.

 Another number that you can dial to find out your ufone number is *780*3#. Calling this number will display your Ufone number on the screen.

Send an SMS message

If the customer care service method did not pan out for you or maybe you did not want to call the customer care, then do not worry for there is another method.

Simply type MNP in your message and send it to 667. Upon sending this message, you will instant see a pop up on your screen with all the details regarding your SIM card such as the phone number, owner’s CNIC and the activation date of your Ufone SIM card.

Visit the website

If you have internet connectivity, then simply visit the ufone website and find out the details of your SIM card. For this method to prove effective you will need the ID card of the owner of the SIM card because you might be asked to provide the CNIC number. 

Ufone Website: Ufone

Hopefully, these methods will help you find out the solution to your problems.  In case, these methods do not work out for you then you can simply visit the ufone outlet along with your ID card and ask the customer care representatives there to help you find out what the number is. 

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How to Check Ufone Number

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