How To Register PTA Mobile In Pakistan Step by Step

PTA mobile registration

Pta mobile registration: As you all know Pakistan is going through a very critical situation in terms of economy and security, cybercrimes are increasing day by day law enforcement agencies are fighting against terrorist in northern areas of Pakistan for security reasons Pakistan telecommunication Authority ( PTA ) has decided to register  all cell phone devices in the country against their numbers PTA has announced the last day of registration for cell phones otherwise PTA will block non registered cell devices. Pta mobile registration

The process of registration is tricky people are facing problems to register their cell phones specially those who bought their mobile from other countries they have to pay the custom duty to unblock their expensive mobiles, people whose mobile are blocked can visit PTA office to unblock their cell phones.

How to register tour mobile phones in PTA Pakistan PTA has launched an easy code for users to register their cell phone with PTA.

Just send your mobile’s IMEI number to 8484 you will get a message on your screen that your mobile is registered if you don’t see this message in you mobile than you mobile might have some issues like IMEI is complaint or device used in any illegal activities or mobile IMEI is in valid or IMEI is blocked .

How to find IMEI of you cell phone

you can find IMEI of you cell device’s box if you don’t have the box than dial *06# to get your IMEI it is important to know that if you have a dual sim mobile than you should register both IMEI numbers of your cell phone with PTA by inserting your both sim cards otherwise your cell phone will be blocked by PTA. Pta mobile registration

Detailed Instruction are posted in PTA website or you can visit our website to get detail information on how to register your cell with PTA in Pakistan soon PTA will announce franchises to Register cell phone because people are facing difficulties to register their cell phones Pakistan telecommunication Authority has extended last date to register twice on special request of federal minister those people whose cell phones are blocked already by PTA can visit PTA head office to unblock Their cell phones these initiatives has been taken for the safety Pakistani citizens to control cybercrime and terrorism. Pta mobile registration


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