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Iesco Online Bill

IESCO: Islamabad Electric Supply Company was brought to life in 1988 and took over the responsibilities of Islamabad Area Electricity Board, which was directly operated by WAPDA. The Islamabad Electric Supply Company is responsible for providing power from Attock to Jhelum, and from the River Indus to the River Neelam in Kashmir. These areas receive unequivocal services of the Islamabad Electric Supply Company. IESCO is tasked with supplying, distributing and selling electricity to the people of the area that are under its jurisdiction.

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Iesco bill

One of the main visions of the Islamabad Electric Supply Company, is to provide environmentally sustainable and cost effective electricity to all the areas within its jurisdiction. Moreover, the company promotes cleaner ways of producing electricity by harvesting electricity from Solar powers, hydroelectric means and using lesser fossil fuels. Due to rise in Global Warming, the company is looking into ways to reduce the carbon footprint and provide electricity which is more environmentally sound. The Islamabad Electric Supply Company, just like others, is also committed to playing its part in combatting climate change.

Iesco online bill

Additionally, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company has in place a set of guidelines which are of international equivalence, that is to promote and uphold the safety of all of its workers. The company has put in a place universal healthcare for all of its workers and a string of wellness programs for the employees, these programs include stress management, employee assistance program and a occupational health services programme.

These programmes further ensure and promote the wellbeing of all the employees. Through the universal healthcare programme, the families of the employees of the Islamabad Electric Supply Company are taken care of as well. The Islamabad Electric Supply Company has a dedicated customer care service as well. This customer care service caters to all the customer that want to register their complaints. The customer care service is incredibly effective, when it comes to resolving the issues of the people. Their are several ways to get in touch with the customer care services, such as e-mail, call them on their number or simply pay a visit to the regional IESCO office.

Moreover, Islamabad Electric Supply Company, directly caters to 2.8 million people with additional 25 million people who live under the jurisdiction of the Islamabad Electric Supply Company. These huge amounts of areas and people, all enjoy the unparalleled service of Islamabad Electric Supply Company.

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