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Top Internet Speed test Sites

Internet Speed Test: Are you facing Problems with your internet Speed and not getting what you are promised by your internet service provider well now a days these problems are increasing as many users are engaged with many different internet services provider companies as demand increases speed of internet decreases but how you can check the speed of your internet?.

There are a lot of speed test websites that can show you downloading speed and uploading speed of your Internet but the question is how do you know that which one of them are providing exact and correct results many websites claims to be the number one in testing internet speed but very few of them providing exact reports because number of website are giving fake test reports to their users and made it even more worse for them to avoid such websites you need to find a site which is spam free and does not contain any hidden adds on their sites because sites like these are not meant to provide information to the users.Internet Speed Test

I had personally tested all of these sites and find few of them very useful they provide exact and accurate result on internet speed so you can complaint your ISP about getting low speed.

Here are the best sites for internet speed test

Xfinity speed Test

This is an amazing site that helps you analyse your Internet speed it is a sponsored by an internet providing company it is a website functions only in web browsers. Internet Speed Test


Another well know speed testing company sponsored by Netflix number one entertainment web application fast.com is a great website to get accurate result of your internet. Internet Speed Test

Network Analyser App

This is a great app of getting Internet speed results worked 100% on mobile devices specially designed for mobile devices will be very useful give accurate results on cell phones.

Speedtest by Ookla

If you are looking for a reliable and trust able website that can give you 100 % results every time you test than you will not find much better than Okla. has been considered as the number one leader of IST for browsers and for devices as well widely used all over the world and most importantly trust able.

DSL Reports

Another one of the top web application that provide deep results of your DNS Ip address and about server as well you can get detailed report from this website and can use it in your complaint against your internet service provider encase you are not getting what they promised to you.
It is important to check how much bandwidth you are getting and how much is allocated to you with the help of these sites you can caught your Internet provider either they are cheating or not. Internet Speed Test

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