Is that true twitter has blocked 170k accounts on this Thursday?

The rumors were wondering that twitter has blocked over 170k twitter accounts that belong to China. And Twitter has also confirmed the news as they claim that China is spreading disinformation regarding Covid-19.

It came to highlight the tweets among Covid-19 are predominantly in the Chinese language as the officials of twitter have blocked china. Twitter has also found 23,750 accounts that are highly connected with the core network.

Most of the account was blacklisted and has been identified and was restricted to increase followers. Moreover, more than 150,000 accounts are in use to turn up the content by retweeting the same content posted by the core accounts.

Though, users in China are still using twitter by using a VPN and are still tweeting against Covid-19. It has also been noticed that they are posting in favor of Beijing.

Overseas Chinese were among the goals of the Chinese movement “in an attempt to leverage their potential to expand the power of the party-state,” according to the Australian Centre for Foreign Strategy.

According to twitter, the action like this is not taken for the first time; it’s being done in history with china as they were tweeting against Hong Kong to sow their political discords. It was observed that approx. One thousand accounts were removed as they believed to be operating from China against Hong Kong.

After knowing that twitter has been blocked in China, the Minister of China’s foreign affair questioned the reason behind sticking China’s accounts on twitter.

As the news was revealed on Thursday, the china ministry asked the reason on the very next day, which means on Friday.

A spokesperson of China Ministry name Hua Chunying

“China is the Biggest victim of disinformation, we are against the spreading of misleading information, we are not spreading any misinformation, or if twitter wants to take some action, then it should also block those accounts that attack and smear china.”

Twitter has also revealed the news that it not only blocks China but also blocks related to Russia and Turkey, and it was also done on Thursday.

Twitter has found 1000 accounts that were ruling the United Russia Party or in Turkey 7340 considerations posted in favor of turkey president. It has been noted that the tweet is repeated 37million times.

Twitter has also shut down the archive where they can read and check the tweets.

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