Jazz Call Packages | Daily, Weekly and Monthly Call Packages 2020

Jazz is a telecommunication provider that has been functioning in Pakistan since the mid-2000s. Prior to being called Jazz, the companies were known as Warid and Mobilink. It was only when these two companies agreed to merge, that Jazz came into existence. Since then, it has managed to amass a significant number of users as well as commanding a major chunk of the telecommunications sector in Pakistan. In this article you can find best affordable Jazz Call Packages with complete.

Jazz offers a wide array of services as well as products such as its 4G devices are a huge hit among the users. Jazz caters to its customers that are spread all across Pakistan and this has made Jazz one of the best telecommunications service provider in Pakistan. In addition to this, Jazz offers SMS packages, Call Packages, Internet 4G Data as well as Hybrid packages, that come with all the services nicely rolled into one package.

Jazz offers Call Packages for its prepaid customers as well as post-paid customers and prepaid users of Jazz can avail the several call packages that it offers.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Jazz offers Jazz Daily Call Packages that extremely convenient for the users as they have access to both on-net as well as off-net calls. These packages are specifically designed to ensure that the daily needs of the users are being met while helping them save up their credit.

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Jazz Call Packages Weekly

Jazz also offers Jazz Call Packages Weekly that extremely convenient for the users. These packages have a significant amount minutes that enable the user to call their loved ones, that are both Jazz users or users of other networks. Once subscribed, the users have minutes from 12am to 12pm and from 12pm to 12am, that are distributed this way so that the user still has minutes left, when they run out of the limit during the day or the night.

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Jazz Call Packages Monthly

These are one of the most convenient and cost-effective packages for jazz that can be subscribed to by the user. These packages that the user has their needs met, by providing them with enough minutes to last a month. Moreover, when the users subscribe to Jazz Call Packages Monthly, they have access to not only minutes but also the free SMS texts or free data that Jazz gives to the users.

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Jazz Other Call Packages

In addition to the packages mentioned above, Jazz offers other packages that are both affordable as well as effective when it comes to socializing with your loved ones. Packages such as Jazz Sim Lagao Offer, and Jazz 4G Sim Offer, are specifically designed to cater to the needs of Jazz users who need a more flexible package, in addition to being cost effective.

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Jazz Terms & Conditions

Before subscribing to any of the above-mentioned packages, there are a couple of things that the users need to keep in mind. Such as:

  • The packages mentioned above are specifically available for prepaid users. In case, Post-paid users need to subscribe to a package then they will have to subscribe to a package that is solely available for them.
  • The Daily Call Package will be re-subscribed to, if the user has enough credit.
  • Once the package ends, if the user does not have enough credit then the package will be cancelled and will have to be re-subscribed to upon the next credit load.
  • The packages can be switched from one to another but the user will have to bear the cost of the packages.
  • If the user needs to check the remaining amount of minutes then they can do so without being charged anything.

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