The Latest PUBG Update 7.2 Brings a Bunch of New Features & More

Most of the Battle Royale games are free to play and the players have the choice to buy in-game cosmetic items such as skins, emotes and battle passes. This model allows the game studios to lure in a massive amount of players and then charge them for the various items that are released with each update. in this article you can read about Latest PUBG Update 7.2.

Latest PUBG Update 7.2

The latest update of PUBG is the 7.2, which brings in a whole plethora of new features while fixing bugs. The latest update of PUBG introduces the much awaited Ranked Mode, which has several ranks such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. In addition to this, PUBG also has added Bots to the game, in order to let the first-time players to practice and understand the game better, before heading off to fight real players. Also, the latest update has introduced new sounds, UI, tweaks, and fixing the general bugs.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds or simply known as PUBG, is a Battle Royale game that was launched in 2017, on Windows. Over the course of time, PUBG has come to be known as one of the largest Battle Royale games and this new genre of gaming has been a lucrative game style for major franchises such as Battlefield and Call Of Duty, who prior to the success of Battle Royal game, stuck to the usual game formats that they had.

Battle Royal Genre

The Battle Royal genre has exploded in popularity, mainly because of its massive player lobbies while combining various game mechanics such as stealth, strategy and combat. The players are dropped into the game where they rush to collect weapons, Armour and other such items, to combat the rest of the players. Another reason for its success is that, it employs various methods to keep the game fun and enjoyable such as addition of new maps, weapons, vehicles and skins.


Since its release, Player Unknowns Battleground has expanded to multiple platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox and Smartphones. One of the most successful platforms that the game is available on, is the Android and iOS. This allows the players to simply download the game from their respective app stores and enjoy it without having to spend large amounts of money on console or online memberships. The Smartphone platform has all the perks and features that are available on consoles and the PCs.

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