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Lahore Electric Supply Company (lesco bill)

lesco bill: Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is responsible for providing electricity to the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara and Kasur in Pakistan. LESCO is a private company that has been in operation for nearly two decades in Pakistan.

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The decision to privatize the electric supply company was made in 1994 and consequently the company has been under constant accusations for not providing with reliable electricity and on top of that LESCO has been accused of corruption, starting from the very top of the company and trickling down to the footmen of the company.

Lahore Electric Supply Company hopes to become the biggest electricity provider in Pakistan by 2021 and they have taken upon themselves to provide safe, reliable, environmentally responsible and cost effective electricity in Pakistan. Moreover, they strive to run their organization with the highest possible level of ethical and moral conducts, without indulging in any kind of misconduct. They also ensure that the business is run by demonstrating professionalism in all of their customer dealing and to ensure that their priorities are always the customers.

Over the course of its history so far, Lahore Electric Supply Company has managed to reach several milestones such as setting up a call center, providing internet access to all LESCO offices and proper record system has been put in place so that even the old electric utility bills can be retrieved, these are among some of the many accomplishments of Lahore Electric Supply Company.

Lahore Electric Supply Company hopes to set up a mobile customer service center at each circle to facilitate the customers by providing them with quick and efficient solutions to their problems. Lahore Electric Supply Company also plans to expand their number of field vehicles so that their response time becomes quicker and that way more issues can be resolved simultaneously at the same time. Lahore Electric Supply Company also plan to convert a significant number of vehicles from fossil fuels to CNG and other modes of cleaner power resources. Under the next phase of development, they plan to increase their number of existing grid stations and transmission lines.

LESCO has faced number of accusations in the past which included corruption at all levels of LESCO to not working on transmission lines on time, which leads to power shortages and voltage fluctuations which damages the appliances that the people use at their homes and these are some of the many other accusations.

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