Maya Ali Donated Ration Bags Among Underprivileged Amid

Maya Ali Donated Ration Bags

Renowned Pakistani actress and model Maya Ali, donated a number of ration bags to the underprivileged as these people are the most affected due to the shutting down of everything due to the recent corona virus pandemic. The entire world has come to a stand still and the governments all over the world are urging people to stay indoors and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. But the daily wage laborers and other such people have had to bear the brunt of it the most because they depend on their daily wage to provide for their families.

In these times, we need to ensure that we are well prepared to face this global pandemic but at the same time we need to keep in mind that the poverty ration in Pakistan is 40% as of 2020, these people are at risk the most of the virus as well as starvation and diseases. We need to work collectively to ensure that these people have the basic necessities that they need and by doing so we can help them stay indoors. The Ration Bags that Maya Ali donated were around Rs. 5000 each and contained several lentils, flour, rice, rusk and other such necessities. She was joined by Faiza Saqlain and her husband in this initiative.

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