Medical Assistant Technician, their salary, and education requirements

When the term medical technician comes, then multi-tasking comes into mind. It is because the duties of the medical assistant technician are not one. They can perform different tasks like treating the patients, prepare various documents like the insurance, appointments, scheduling, and history of the patient.

These all are the jobs for which the medical assistant is responsible. The medical assistant technician is responsible for other things like the administration and also for the clinical tasks. Well-perform duties are appreciable.

Do physicians and medical assistant technicians are same?

Sometimes people may confuse the medical assistant technician with the physician. Here, we will clear someone’s point that a medical assistant is not a physician. The training is not under the supervision of the surgeon or other doctors. They are responsible for the duties that we have given above.

Salary of the medical assistant technician

The salary of the medical assistant technician varies from company to company. From the BSL, the salary estimation is that the people who are professional of the 90th percentile earn around about dollar fifty thousand or even more per year.

The people at the 10th percentile earn about dollar thirty thousand or less per year. However, the salary also differs from company to company in which the medical assistant technician is doing the job.

Responsibilities of the medical assistant technician

The responsibilities list of the medical assistant technicians are listed below:

  • Use the computer application of the company.
  • Welcome the patient to the centre.
  • Update or make a new history of the patient.
  • Insurance form preparing.
  • Schedule the appointments of the patients.
  • Keep the record of things like bills, payments, and other expenses.
  • Keep the record of the laboratory and other things that require in the medical centre.
  • Give initial treatment to the patient in the absence of the supervisor.

These are few responsibilities of the medical assistant technicians that he has to perform in the medical centre.

Education requirements

There are no hard and fast rules for the education requirements. The main thing is they must have the training of the medical assistant program. Hence, this will help them in their job.


In short, the medical assistant technician is a good job. People who have a dream to serve humanity can adopt this field and enjoy their job.

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