Namaz Timing Karachi – Today Namaz Timing in Karachi

Namaz timing Karachi

Fajar05:36 AM
Sunrise06:52 AM
Zuhr12:43 PM
Asr4:57   PM
Maghrib6:36   PM
Isha7:51   PM

Namaz Timing in Karachi

Namaz Timing Karachi: Muslims worldwide observe Salah five times a day; Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. These prayers are one of the Pillars of Islam. In addition to these five prayers, there are other Salah as well, such as, Tahajjud, Namaz-e-Eid among others.

Salah around the world is observed at different times, the movement of the planet as well as the stars and the moon dictate the Salah timing worldwide. Muslims are the second biggest religious group in the world and the Muslims of each time zone have their own time to offer Salah, which may vary from the area next to it.

Karachi Namaz Timing

Even though Islam started 1200 years ago, it took Islam a while to grow and with the growing number of invasions by Muslim leaders and Caliphs. Over time, many Islamic leaders have managed to spread the word of Islam but at the same time respected other religions. Moreover, Islam was brought to the Indian subcontinent when Mahmud Ghaznavi invaded Punjab and Gujarat along the Indus River. Islam spread gradually over the Indian subcontinent from 11th century to 15th century. With the Muslim rule that followed, Islam only grew rapidly in the Indian subcontinent.

AS of now, Islam is expected to be the world’s biggest religion by 2050, overtaking Christianity as the world’s largest religion. Islam’s followers are around 2 billion people and the rest of the religions make up the rest of the population of the world. By 2050, Muslims are expected to outnumber Christians by a ratio of 1:2.

Prayer timings in Pakistan are different, depending on the region but the timings of Salah in Karachi are as follows:

  • Fajar –5:33 am
  • Zuhr –12:18 pm
  • Asr –4:07 pm
  • Maghrib –5:43 pm
  • Isha –7:02 pm

These timings are for Karachi only and the timings will continue to vary, depending on the movement of the sun and the moon.

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