No Sale Tax on New SIM Confirmed By FBR (Federal Board of Revenue )

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced that the FBR has not forced any kind of new sales tax per new cell phone SIM of Rs250, via correction in the finance bill of 2020.
The Sales tax table applied on the mobile phone had been divided into two parts according to the statement of a senior FBR official it helps to decrease their charging tax on mobiles and promote the local manufacturing of mobile phones.

It deals at the two stages one from import sale tax at CKD and the other is at the local sale stages charge sale tax. In the previous table there was no change in sales tax rates and that division split into two parts without any change.

The payable tax on Sim card supply( payable on the supply by CMOS) is Rs 250 The first part is of the table business sales tax on supply (payable on the supply by CMOS)
The defined rates of sales tax on mobile phones in CKD/CBU are the second part of the table. OIf your mobile is in CBU condition the sales tax will be applied to the local supply of mobile manufacturers in CB conditions.

there is no improvement in sales tax rates. But on the mobile phone sale tax improvement appears. No such tax has been collected to force a sales tax of Rs 250 on new SIM in 2020 via finance act. In such manners the news is unjustifiable and no authorities added

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