Today Ottawa Prayer Times – Prayer Times Ottawa 2020

Ottawa Prayer Times

Date7 March 2020
Fajar05:36 AM
Sunrise06:41 AM
Zuhr12:33 PM
Asr03:54 PM
Maghrib06:24 PM
Isha07:30 PM

Ottawa Prayer Times: Ottawa is a city in Canada and is the capital of Canada and the population of Ottawa is estimated to have surpassed a million. Ottawa is the most educated city of Canada in terms of educated population per capital. The city is known for its busy corporate roots and a thriving business community and it has been a hub for thriving life around it for nearly 6500 years. The people used to use the grounds for hunting, fishing, trade and travel. Ottawa gained the city status in 1855 and since then it has served as an important town for trade and travel.

Canada – As A Nation

Canada is known for being an incredibly hospitable country and throughout its history the government and the people have shown tolerance towards people from different backgrounds. Especially, when we look at the recent events in Middle East, war has ripped through the entire region and in this hour of need for the people of Middle East, the people of Canada stepped forward and swung open their doors to welcome the people from Middle East and helped them build a new life for themselves from scratch. By doing so, they not only helped save lives of people who would have otherwise perished in the wars that have gripped the entire region but this step will also help boost the economy levels.

Humanitarian Efforts

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and here you will find a wide variety of people from different backgrounds living peacefully with one another and attending social gatherings of one another. If we look at the Muslim community living in Ottawa then we see that they practice Islam openly without any restriction or disturbance from either the government or the non-Muslim population in Ottawa. The government of Canada is a liberal one and they open heatedly accept refugees from all over the world and even help them start their business or simply look for employment by which these refugees can provide for their families through their hard work.


Economically, Canada is a part of both the G20 and the G6 platforms, these organizations are made up of some of the wealthiest nations on planet. The main focus of these organizations is to help under developed and developing countries by providing them with financial assistance, security and helping them build themselves up more efficiently.

Prayer Times Ottawa

Islam in Canada and more specifically in Ottawa, is practiced openly and unlike the rest of the world where Muslims are often the targets of hate crimes and racism, Muslims in Canada have never had to face these issues and this is primarily down to the attitudes of the people of Canada. In case you are looking for prayer timings in Islam then you can simply look for them here on our website. We constantly update our website to stay updates with the timings of prayers in Ottawa. Also, we have added timings and dates for all the Islamic occasions on our website and these timings are accurate in Ottawa.

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