To decrease the Air Pollution Level, Pakistan Introduce Electric Vehicles

Air pollution plays an important role in leading to health diseases. Air pollution is harmful for all of us that’s why, For the purpose of reducing the air pollution level and negative impact on climate change in Pakistan which is the cause of health issues, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved a policy on the 10th of June.
Pakistan Government has introduced an activity to move ordinary vehicles to an electric force

Transport buses, trucks, motorbikes, cars, and rickshaws all are included in this strategy. The main purpose is to have a big amount of EVs for Pakistan. It is enough to make development for the current situation of air pollution. The development of transportation in Pakistanis depends upon to get 100,000 cars, transport buses, and trucks by 2025, and 500,000 motorbikes and rickshaws and more than, and make a main aim for the 2030 year,30 percent of vehicles hopefully EVs in the country.

The motorbikes are the most well known and common vehicle in the urban regions of Pakistan for focusing on the initial phase of the development. climate change advisor Malik Amin Aslam, a guide to the PM that car manufacturers and owner of Thomas Reuters Foundation will be presented at a later stage. Anyway, concern raises that the General Secretary of Pakistan electric vehicles, manufacturer of parts and trade association (PEVPMTA), Mr. Shaukat Qraishi commented that if you keep your vehicle separate from out of the strategy is just like “a wedding party showing up with no groom.” This policy is beneficial for everyone to protect from pollution. The sooner it comes.

Mr. Abdulah Waheed khan who is the Director-General of The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) additionally saif that they appreciate the directions that are taken by the government and also awaiting for further new details

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