Pakistan Introduce Militant-Technology to Battle Against COVID-19

Increasing the cases of the COVID-19 in Pakistan, but the vast technology in Pakistan helps to introduce the unique and most advanced tracking system in the country. Intelligence in Pakistan sends secret reconnaissance structures that are regularly used to find militants to follow coronavirus patients and the individuals they reach, but no one can hide at home.

The intelligence of Pakistan has an incredible Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to find and fight against the Coronavirus surrounding areas and tracking the patient by using this technology seriously. We are respecting our Prime Minister to open this program and permit them.

Mobile Trackers and COVID-19

Now this tracking Machine can save your data and will not lose any cost, the starting date of this tracker is not properly announced but the official system and Intelligence Service are commonly using this track high-esteem targets like homegrown and Worldwide activists.

An absence of getting, disgrace and nervousness have prompted a few people with side effects who don’t look for care or even leave centers, while some who have had contact with patients with infections have mocked laws of Self-isolation.

Officially Order To Use Militant-Technology to battle against COVID-19

Pakistan’s government seriously orders the different departments and companies to use this track otherwise they are not allowed to open their business regularly.
A senior security official, talking on state of namelessness, said offices are present “proficiently” utilizing the innovation to follow COVID-19 cases.

Furthermore, Geo-fencing has authorities to check out the neighborhoods on lock down, inconspicuous following assistance that alarms specialists when somebody leaves a specific geographic territory or enters the Country.

Feedback of Senior Specialist on Militant-Technology for COVID-19t

The feedback of the Specialists is amazing and seems happy to manufacture this tracker in our country, feel easy and much relaxed to catch the COVID-19 patients.
Now reacting to Covid-19 patients’ calls to follow whether individuals talk about side effects. “The trace-and-follow program lets us distinguish top patients’ PDAs just as anyone they contact since their vanishing previously,” said an insight official.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has not faced any criticism or public discussion while announcing the news of this tracker which we can use for a fight against Corona virus in the beginning it was made to battle against terrorism.

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