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Pakwheels is an online marketplace for selling and purchasing new or old cars. The marketplace has been quite a success in Pakistan as both the customers as well as the sellers can now buy or sell cars without having to worry about pesky middlemen. Prior to Pakwheels, the customers usually had to go to the market to buy a car and even then they had a million questions and doubts in their heads as to whether they should buy a car or not, as it was still unclear if the car’s health is in top notch condition. These are the reasons why it was previously hard to buy a used car in Pakistan.

Why choose Pakwheels?

Pakwheels is an excellent platform where the buyers can buy their favourite cars at affordable rates. In addition, Pakwheels provides various services to ensure that when the customer is buying a car they are buying it in the most pristine condition possible and in the case of imported cars, the documents of the vehicle are valid.

Pakwheels has services such as Pakwheels Car Inspection, where a team visits the customer and checks the car that they intend to buy, by investigating over 200 points in the vehicle from engine to suspension and from paintwork to interior, and ensures that everything is up to par.

Another feature the Pakwheels offers is that if the customer intends to buy a vehicle that has been imported from Japan then the vehicle has an auction sheet, which is a certificate that is issued by the Japanese to grade the vehicle from 4.5 or 5 being as good as new or new to Grade 3 and below being damaged to the point where a part had to be replaced. With Pakwheels, the buyer can verify the vehicle’s auction sheet, so as to ensure that the vehicle is as the certificate describes it to be.


Toyota Indus Motors, is Toyota’s subsidiary is Pakistan and is responsible for assembling the cars locally, under license from Toyota. Locally, there are various models such as Corolla, Revo and Fortuner, with Corolla being one of the most successful models for the company worldwide.

There are several models of Toyota that are imported to Pakistan, that are quite popular such as Vitz, Aqua, Prius, Prado and Land Cruiser. These models have been quite a hit in Pakistan as they come directly from Japan and they have all the latest features on them, that are not available on the Pakistani market.


Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer that has been dominating international markets and is quite a hit with the Pakistani market. Honda assembles models such as City, Civic and BR-V, locally and these models have been hugely popular.

There are some models of Honda that are imported from Japan such as Fit and Vezel. Both of these models are hybrids, with some models of Honda being imported to Pakistan having Plug-In Hybrid features. These aspects have made Honda a popular car brand among the growing Middle Classs of Pakistan.


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